Are you planning to move to or from Raleigh, North Carolina? Moving can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, especially if you are trying to relocate your entire family, pets included. But, as the second most populous city in the beautiful east-coast state, you have alternative options when it comes to making your move that much easier. With Pet Van Lines, we offer Raleigh pet moving services, so that your family’s beloved animals can safely make it to your new home.

About Pet Moving Services

Whether you have moved a long distance before or not, you might have considered transporting your beloved family pet by plane. However, there are almost always complications with doing so. Not to mention, this wouldn’t make your cat or dog very happy. You also would have to make several trips to busy airports during your move, which can put stress on the entire family.

With ground transportation in SUVs and minivans, moving is made easy. You can rest assured knowing that your pet is safe and happy thanks to our experienced drivers at Pet Van Lines. There are multiple benefits to ground transportation, including controlled temperature in the vans, no breed restrictions, frequent stops from Raleigh and so much more.

Door-to-Door from Raleigh

Instead of making two roundtrips to airports, wouldn’t it be easier if your cat or dog was delivered right to your doorstep at your new home? We think so, which is why we offer our door-to-door pet transportation in Raleigh, and all over the contiguous United States. So no matter where you are moving to from North Carolina, we will help your pet get there.

Pet Van Lines’ Experienced Drivers

Our experienced drivers are always professional when it comes to handling your family’s pets. We hire only those who are true animal lovers, so you know that your cats and dogs are in the safe hands of someone who genuinely cares about the pet’s well-being. And with being trained on the temperaments of even the shyest or most protective breeds, our drivers will do everything they can to ensure the animal’s happiness during their trip from Raleigh.

Are you interested in learning more about our Raleigh pet moving services? If so, please feel free to visit our website or contact us for additional information.

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