happy children and siberian husky puppy sitting in the car

Moving With a Pet: A Checklist

Moving with a pet can be a challenge. On top of organizing your belongings, you must also keep your pet in mind.  Animals struggle with significant changes. A mismanaged move can lead to heightened anxiety in your pet, potential health complications, and stress for everyone involved.

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dog walking tips

Tips for Walking Your Dog in the New Neighborhood

You might not think that your dog, like you, needs to adapt to their surroundings when you move into a new neighborhood. Dogs have a great sense of orientation and territory and can understand what’s around them just by sniffing the area. Their acute senses can make them very sensitive to change, so you should take steps to make them as comfortable as possible in their new home. Here provide some dog walking tips to help you support your best friend in your new neighborhood.

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Ways to show your dog you love him

4 Extra Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them

Dogs are incredibly intelligent, intuitive creatures. They are capable of learning and picking up on human emotions. Their complexity means that they understand love and devotion and is what earned them the position of “man’s best friend.” There are, therefore, many different ways to show your dog you love him that he will understand and that will strengthen your bond with one another.

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Home Remedies for the Dog With Seasonal Allergies

Like humans, our canine companions can experience pesky seasonal allergies as well. While we understand why we’re feeling stuffy and dazed, our beloved pups have no clue why they’re feeling so under the weather. Keep your dog with seasonal allergies as comfortable as possible during these unavoidable periods with some of these helpful and relaxing home remedies.

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how to make a cat happy

How to Make a Grumpy Cat Happy

Cats are complex and intelligent creatures, capable of many more depths than most of us realize. This higher level of cognitive processing provides felines with a wide spectrum of sensitivity and emotion. Unfortunately, not all these emotions are positive ones, leaving our feline friends subject to many familiar feelings like stress, fear and anger. If you’re experiencing emotional difficulties with your cat, a great place to start figuring out your cat’s behavior is with the H.I.S.S. test. It stands for health, instinct, stress and symptoms, signs and solutions, and can help you to make a grumpy cat happy again.

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adopting a shelter pet

Adopting a Shelter Pet: 3 Steps to Take

Adopting a shelter pet is one of the most rewarding experiences of our time. You’re saving the life of another creature and gaining a best friend in the process. April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, so what better time to begin researching pet adoption? If you’re considering adopting a shelter pet, here are three important steps to take to help make the experience as positive as it can be.

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DIY cat toys

8 DIY Cat Toys You Can Make Today

Cats are intelligent, energetic critters that enrich our lives and make us feel whole. Show your furry felines just how much they mean to you by trying out these DIY cat toys. They’re fun and inexpensive to make, and you may find that they last longer than the pricier toys from the pet store. Many of the supplies you’ll need are probably lying around your home, so gather them up and enlist your feline companion in a day of creativity and playtime.

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Reasons not to fly in winter

4 Reasons Not to Fly Your Pet in the Winter

When you travel with your pet on an airplane, it’s important to consider certain factors that affect their health and well being while they travel. Factors such as whether they can ride in the cabin or in the cargo hold, how busy the airports are and how long your flight is can be especially important during the wintertime. Consider the following reasons not to fly your pet in the winter when you’re making your travel plans.

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moving in with new room mates

Moving in with a New Roomie: Introducing the Pets

Finagling the complexities of a new roommate situation is difficult enough on its own. When you add one another’s pets to the equation, things have the potential to get even more complicated. Introducing the pets to one another can be a stressful endeavor, but doing it the smart way can lead to a beautiful furry friendship.

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get fit with your pet

Get Fit With Your Pet This Year

It’s New Year’s resolution time, and you know what that means. Longer waits at the gym, nearly getting run over on the sidewalk by eager joggers and, on the upside, shorter lines at the donut shop. This New Year’s, how about you get fit with your pet by including your pudgy pooch or tubby tabby in on the action? If the words, “Your pet is overweight,” are still ringing in your ears from your last vet visit, check out these tips for taking your best friend from fatty to fluffy.

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finding the perfect dog groomer

Tips For Finding The Perfect Dog Groomer In Your New Neighborhood

As pet owners and animal lovers, it’s important to us that we keep our furry friends healthy, happy and adorable. Regular baths and even some fur clippings and trimming can keep your pooch looking and feeling his best. One of the most important things to do when you move is to find reliable, convenient services for your pet. Check out these tips for finding the perfect dog groomer in your new location.

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safe space for your pet

Creating a Safe Space For Your Pet In Your New Home

Our pets are more than just our best friends; they’re also our roommates and our family. We live together, exercise together, binge-watch TV shows together and even sleep together. They are there for us constantly, always ready to reciprocate our love for them. Let them know that you care for them by creating safe space for your pet in your new home to make sure they are happy and comfortable after a move.

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Shelter Pets

Why Shelter Pets Rule

Shelter pets have amazing qualities that they’re ready to share with anyone who’s willing to give them a chance. Animal shelters are full of all kinds of unique breeds of critters, each with its own individual personality. Shelter pets also generally come with a certain amount of preventative care and treatment, saving you time and money after you leave the shelter with your new family member. If you’re looking for a new addition to your home, now is a great time with National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week coming up the first full week in November. Discover why shelter pets rule by making a trip to your local animal shelter or humane society to find the perfect shelter pet for you.

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kitten, and puppy with stethascope

Tips for Finding a New Vet in Your New Town

Finding a new vet in your new town doesn’t have to be just another stressful task on your seemingly never-ending to-do list. It can be a fun, educational experience for you and even for your pet. Acquaint you and your dog with your new surroundings by going on a drive or a walk around town to visit prospective veterinary facilities. Make all the necessary preparations before you move, and keep an eye out for certain services and conveniences each possible vet offers.

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calm your pet

Tips for Calming Your Pet’s (And Your) Anxiety About Moving

The majority of our sentient population would agree that moving is a hassle we’d rather not deal with. Unfortunately, most of us have to move at multiple points in our lives, and that means taking our furry companions with us. While relocating a pet can add another dimension of stress to an already stressful situation, there are various ways you can help calm your pet’s, and by extension your, anxiety about moving.

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help your pet adjust to your new home

5 Ways to Help Your Pet Adjust to Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be a chaotic process; there are boxes everywhere, and you don’t know which one has the silverware and which one has your toiletries. You turn your usual corner to go to the kitchen, and you find yourself in a coat closet instead. If you’ve got a furry companion accompanying you, then you’re not the only one struggling to acclimate to your new living space. Throughout your moving process, consider various ways to help your pet adjust to your new home.

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Professional pet movers

The Benefits of Using a Professional Pet Movers Service

Moving is a stressful experience, whether you’re moving across town or across the country. Moving with pets in tow adds an additional element of stressconcerns for their safety, happiness and general well being are constant things to consider. This is where a professional pet movers service can help. Rather than attempt to transport your belongings and pets yourself or stow your beloved companions away in the cargo hold of an airplane, enlist the assistance of experienced drivers to safely transport your pet to your new home. You can minimize the stress of moving for both you and your pet by hiring Pet Van Lines to transport your pet to your new home.

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