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Pet Van Lines’ nationwide cat transportation is private ground transport for your pet. Since 2005 we’ve moved pets and safely delivered them to their destination. If you’re a cat owner, you may be familiar with how unhappy cats can be in a moving vehicle. A cat’s negative attitude toward travel is often due to the disruption in their daily routine. And plane rides can maximize a cat’s discomfort.

Cat Transportation Advantages

Cat transportation is a way to move your pet to a new destination safely. The transportation specialists at Pet Van Lines offer nationwide cat shipping via ground transportation in a climate-controlled vehicle—not in crate-stacked cargo with other animals.

Reasons to ship your cat

  • You’re moving, relocating, or have a long-term job assignment.
  • Driving to your destination with your cat isn’t practical.
  • You want your cat to arrive at your new home after you’re settled.
  • Airline policy won’t accept your cat, you don’t want to fly your cat on a plane, or your cat doesn’t like plane rides.
  • You want to transport the cat from a long-distance seller or breeder to your home.
  • You’re adopting or inheriting a cat from another state.

Cat Transportation – Ground vs. Air

Cat shipping by plane is faster than ground shipping. Although any type of travel can disrupt a cat’s routine, ground transportation for cats has several advantages over plane flights.

  • Your cat’s location during transport – Your cat will ride in a climate-controlled SUV or minivan. It won’t be beneath the seat in front of you on a plane or in the cargo.
  • Limited noise level – The noise level during cat transportation will be limited to road noise—not loud, scary noises associated with turbulence, take-off, or landing.
  • More space for your pet – On an airplane, your cat can be crammed into cargo with other animals or stacked with other crates. Cat ground transportation places your pet in a comfortable, secure crate with plenty of room around it. We add padding beneath the carrier to increase comfort while ensuring stability.
  • Regular attention to your cat’s comfort – Our drivers take breaks during the trip and give your pet time to eat and exercise. And we provide a clean litter box.
  • Updates on travel status – We will update you on our travel status and your pet’s well-being.

Ways We Ensure Your Pet Is Safe

Pet Van Lines follows a strict protocol for safety during cat transportation.

  • Certification of your cat’s health before departure, including current vaccinations
  • Cat collar with ID and your current contact information
  • Safe storage in a crate throughout cat shipping
  • Leashes during breaks to prevent your cat from dashing away

Comfortable Travel for Your Pet

We reduce your cat’s anxiety by ensuring it’s comfortable during transportation.

  • Our minivans and SUVs have enough space for your cat to ride in a secure, roomy, and comfortable crate.
  • Regardless of the cat breed, we adapt our cat-shipping conditions to accommodate it.
  • When we transport a rescue cat, we understand the health and behavioral complications that can occur. We will handle your rescue animal with care.
  • We make several stops along the way—from departure to destination—to relieve your cat of the tension of riding in a car.
  • Our drivers ensure your cat has the food and water it needs to stay hydrated and nourished on the trip.
  • We are attentive to your cat’s comfort throughout our travel.

Cat Transportation Experts

Cat sitting on a car seat; for information on cat tranporatation with Pet Vanlines

In addition to good driving records, the drivers at Pet Van Lines are knowledgeable animal lovers who care about safely transporting your pet. You can have peace of mind knowing that choosing us for cat shipping makes your pet’s safety a priority. We will help minimize the stress of the move on your family and your beloved cat.

For more information on our nationwide cat transportation services, please complete our contact form or call us.

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