November is National Senior Pet Month and Adopt a Senior Pet Month, the perfect time to celebrate why we love our senior pets. Check out why we love our senior pets so much, and make a visit your local shelter to see for yourself how much senior pets have to offer.

1.  Unique Personality

Every pet has its own unique personality. In general, senior pets have already developed their personalities, which allows you to more accurately determine if a pet will fit well with you and other members of the household.

2. Know the Size

Senior pets are full-grown, so you know immediately how large or small of a pet you are going to bring home.

3. Guardians of the Homestead

If you already have children or younger pets in your household, adding the right senior pet to your family can also mean adding a great babysitter. Many senior pets act as protective guardians and positive influences for both young children and pets.

4. No Behavior Training Required

Senior pets have often already been trained to obey certain commands, and they are still very responsive to learning new commands and tricks. They have a greater attention span than younger pets, and it’s never too late to teach an old dog (or cat) new tricks.

5. Senior Pets are Calm

Puppies and kittens, while adorable, are known for their rambunctiousness and hyperactivity. Senior pets, on the other hand, are calmer and less likely to scale the window curtains, jump up on people and wreak general havoc on their surroundings.

6. Better Behavior

Many senior pets are more familiar with appropriate behaviors like only chewing on their toys, not scratching the carpet or furniture and not chewing on fingers and toes.

7. No House Training

Senior pets are usually already potty trained, so they are less likely to have accidents inside the house or outside the litterbox.

8. Calm and Serene

Senior pets are great for those of us who identify as “couch potatoes.” While younger pets need extra exercise and playtime, most older pets are content to lounge around all day with their owners.

9. Snuggles and Cuddles

Everyone can use a good cuddle from time to time, and senior pets can make some of the best cuddlers. They’re perfectly content spending the day cuddling with their human companions in between food and potty breaks.

10. Save a Life Today!

Every time you adopt a pet, you are saving a life. Senior pets, in particular, seem to understand that you rescued them and show even more gratitude for your kindness and love.

We Love Our Senior Pets

Don’t get the wrong idea about us; we love puppies and kittens too. They’re full of life, love and energy and are ideal for many households. Senior pets deserve attention too, though, and they are the better fit for many people.

We love our senior pets, and we love transporting them to be reunited with their owners in their new home. Contact us if you have any questions about moving with your senior pet. Thinking of adopting a senior pet? Don’t let location get in your way, we are happy to transport newly adopted pets, too!

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