Cats are intelligent, energetic critters that enrich our lives and make us feel whole. Show your furry felines just how much they mean to you by trying out these DIY cat toys. They’re fun and inexpensive to make, and you may find that they last longer than the pricier toys from the pet store. Many of the supplies you’ll need are probably lying around your home, so gather them up and enlist your feline companion in a day of creativity and playtime.

1. Puzzle Box

This kitty cat puzzle box is both entertaining and stimulating for your feline friend. Create a fun puzzle for your kitties that harnesses their natural hunting instincts. Sit back and watch the show unfold, or leave it as an engaging activity while you’re away from home.

2. Hardy Feathered Wand

Cats go ga-ga over those wand toys with the strings and feather boas attached to one end, but they never seem to stand the test of teeth. Sometimes within a week or even a day, your furry pal has destroyed your pricey pet store toy. Try this resilient version of a feathered boa wand toy if you’re willing to get a little more crafty.

3. Box o’ Tubes n’ Treats

You don’t need much more than a tissue box and toilet paper tubes to make this little activity box. This is another of the DIY cat toys that serves as both a learning exercise and a fun activity for your best friend. It’s easy to make and provides you and your kitty with more enjoyment than you’d expect.

4. Cardboard Wheel

A homemade cardboard wheel is another great toy that only takes a few minutes of your time to make and only requires a toilet paper tube and scissors. Who knew your kitties would get such a kick out of all the toilet paper tubes you normally throw out?

5. Cute Cat House

We’re always buying cute, comfy-looking beds and toys for our cats, only to have them be more interested in the packaging or boxing than the item itself. Next time you get hold of a good-size box, try making your own cat house out of it. Take some notes from the creator of this cute cardboard house, and be on your way to creating your own cat mansion.

6. Cardboard Scratch Pad

Why pay for something that you can make an even better version of at home? Cat scratchers from the store are often just composed of basic cardboard. Follow these simple instructions to make your very own personalized kitty scratch pad.

7. Cardboard Scratching Post

Scratching posts from the store are even more expensive than the pads. Take a look at this ingenious cat scratching post that you can make at home all by yourself! Not only does making your kitty’s toys at home save you money, it also allows you to personalize their supplies and bond with your feline friend in the process. They may not be the best helpers, but they sure do try.

8. Catnip Pillow

What kind of cat lovers would we be if we didn’t incorporate catnip into one of our DIY cat toys? This adorable catnip pillow is possible for those who have never even picked up a sewing needle. Give it a try, and your kitty will love you for it.

We love cats here at Pet Van Lines, and we’re here for you if you’re planning on relocating with your crazy kitty. Whether it’s down the street or across the country, our cat moving experts will make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible on both you and your companion. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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