The majority of our sentient population would agree that moving is a hassle we’d rather not deal with. Unfortunately, most of us have to move at multiple points in our lives, and that means taking our furry companions with us. While relocating a pet can add another dimension of stress to an already stressful situation, there are various ways you can help calm your pet’s, and by extension your, anxiety about moving.

Scope Out the New Surroundings

When considering places to move, take a look at the area surrounding your new home to see if it looks like a good location for your pet. If you’re looking at neighborhoods, scope out good places nearby to walk your dog. Does the house come with a yard, and if so, can it be fenced in? On your initial stroll, do you notice any aggressive dogs living nearby? When considering apartments or other living spaces, is there adequate green space to walk your dog? Is the inside roomy enough for you and your pet?

Keep in mind that when considering indoor square footage, dogs need adequate horizontal room, while cats require more vertical space for climbing. Choosing a home with features ideal for both you and your pet and becoming familiar with the area yourself beforehand goes a long way to reduce your anxiety once you move in with your pet.

Before the Big Day

Prepare you and your pet as much as possible for your move in day. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, always transport your pet in a safe carrier rather than letting them roam about in your vehicle. In order to acclimate your pet to their moving crate, leave it out for them at your old home for a few weeks or even months prior to moving. Surround it with treats, food or toys to make it seem more appealing to your pet.

As your move-in day approaches, take your pet on short drives periodically before that final drive to their new home. This can help alleviate your anxiety about transporting them and their anxiety about car rides.

Introducing Your Pet to Their New Home

If possible, it’s always better to move yourself and your belongings into your new home before moving your pet into their new home. Keep your pet secluded in a calm area of your old household while you pack and load boxes and furniture to minimize their stress and the chances of them escaping. Unload and unpack as much as you can before bringing your pet into your new household to avoid bringing them into a hectic environment. Additionally, have their belongings in place before they arrive to bring familiarity and comfort to your confused companion. Pets like to feel safe while they eat and do their “business,” so put food dishes and litter boxes in cozy spaces like closets or bathrooms to put them at ease.

Professional Pet Movers Can Help

It’s impossible to rid yourself and your pets of all your moving-related anxiety. Plan ahead when moving with a pet, and provide extra love and attention to calm your pet’s and your anxiety about moving. Make moving day less stressful with the help of professional pet movers. At Pet Van Lines, we offer door-to-door service to make your move as efficient and stress-free, for you and your pet, as possible. Contact us today with your questions and to learn more about our services, or for more tips on calming your pet’s anxiety about moving.

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