Get a Pet Transportation Quote

Because there are so many different factors that can affect your move, we don’t offer a flat rate for pet transportation. Additionally, our services extend to every corner and major city of the U.S. Depending on the distance, time frame and the number of pets you need to relocate, your total cost could vary.

Our personalized quotes could actually present you with the most cost-effective solution to relocating your cats, dogs and other pets. Unlike expensive airlines, you won’t have to foot a massive bill just so your animal can be stuck in a cargo hold. They will enjoy a comfortable and stress-free ride in an SUV or minivan to your new location, all while you have peace of mind knowing they’re safe.

For our pet moving services, Pet Van Lines can meet any number of your individual needs when transporting your furry friend, nationwide, to your new home. To contact us, please visit our contact page or call (832) 729 – 7192 for your personalized quote.