According to a recent YouGov survey, 88% of pet owners consider their pet to be a member of the family, so it’s only natural that you’d want them to join you on your family vacation.

While traveling with your pet is enjoyable, it also needs considerable planning and preparation to guarantee that everything runs smoothly and that everyone is safe and happy.

Pet Van Lines has compiled a list of five common pet-travel mistakes to ensure that the trip with your pet goes well.

5 Pet-Travel Mistakes Every Pet Owner Should Avoid

travelling with pet

Forgetting to Update Pet ID Tags

When traveling with a pet, there’s always the possibility that the pet will become separated from you and become lost. A durable pet collar and ID tag with updated contact information is your pet’s best hope of quickly reuniting with you, and a microchip with current contact information is a valuable backup since the collar may come loose over time.

Consider having your pet microchipped before going on a trip if you haven’t already. Your veterinarian will inject a computer chip the size of a grain of rice under your pet’s skin. In the event that a missing pet is found, the chip has a unique number that a veterinarian may lookup in an owner database.

Also, put a label on your pet’s carrier that includes your contact information as well as your travel destination. Bring or keep a recent photo of your pet on your phone in case you need to share or print it.

You Disrupted Your Pet’s Schedule

Some animals, especially dogs, thrive on following a routine. Dogs can succeed when they understand what you expect of them, therefore, routine, exercise, and rules are essential in keeping them from behaving badly.

When traveling, do everything you can to keep their routine consistent, including meal times, exercise, walks, and potty breaks. Routine and structure will reassure your pet that everything is fine, allowing them to feel secure and at ease even in unfamiliar surroundings.

Leaving Pets in a Car

As any pet owner knows, it’s a horrible idea to leave pets inside the car on a hot day. However, it’s tempting to leave your pet for a few minutes when you’re in a new place and merely need to get something to eat or fuel up.

Pets should never be left in a car. Temperatures inside a car can reach nearly 100 degrees in 20 minutes, even on a beautiful 70-degree day. Instead of leaving your pet in the car, choose a pet-friendly stopover and appoint someone to hold pets on a leash or carrier outside, or have lunch from a drive-thru.

Forgetting to Search a Veterinarian in Case of an Emergency

Always be alert for unforeseen events. Pets can get into accidents or ingest food that could be harmful to their health, necessitating immediate medical attention.

Find a 24-hour veterinary clinic at your destination before you get on the trip. If you’re taking your pets on a road trip to a national park or a remote locale, the nearest veterinarian may be hundreds of miles away. For quicker access, save the contact information to your phone.

Not Checking Your Accommodation’s Pet-Related Rules

Even after you’ve figured out whether your pet can stay with you, you need to consider what other policies they have. Most hotels that allow dogs still require that you don’t leave them alone at any point, which may be a problem if you’re planning on being out at other non-pet-friendly places. Make sure to inquire about any pet amenities available on-site or nearby, such as grassy spaces or a dog park.

You might also want to look at Airbnb rentals. Most homeowners offering their homes for rent are pet lovers themselves. This will be beneficial to you since you’re sure that your pet is welcome and you can get friendly advice from a local.

Reliable Pet Transportation Service

If you avoid these common pet-traveling mistakes, your trip will be stress-free and pleasurable for everyone.

We would also recommend shared pet transportation services. It’s a popular service at Pet Van Lines since it’s cost-effective without sacrificing the pet’s comfort and safety. They’ll have as much fun as if they were transported privately.

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