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Shared pet transportation is an economical but comfortable way to move your pet to your new home. In this transport service, your pet shares the minivan or SUV with other fur babies, who will be dropped off in different locations. Although your pet won’t have the vehicle all to themselves, they still enjoy the spacious, climate-controlled car with another pet that they’ll surely get along with.

At Pet Van Lines, shared pet ground transport is a popular service because it’s cost-effective but doesn’t sacrifice the pet’s comfort and safety. They’ll have a great time, just as if they were moved privately.

The Process for Our Shared Pet Transport

  1. Pre-Travel Prep. Once you contact us, we’ll give you a free quote. We’ll also schedule your pet’s travel. Bear in mind that we might have to adjust your desired schedule to accommodate the other pets who would share the ground transport. We’ll discuss all other preparations needed.
  2. Pickup. Our trained drivers will pick up your pet. Cats are crated in a litter box with food and water, while dogs travel cage-free. As for other types of pets, we’ll discuss the specific travel accommodations.
  3. Roadtrip. During the trip, your pet will get regular breaks and exercise. They’ll also be fed according to your request. We’ll update you with regular text messages and photos.
  4. Rendezvous. We’ll give you a heads up one hour before drop off. Soon, you’ll reunite with your pet at your new location.

We Maintain Safety and Comfort

Pet Van Lines makes sure that everyone in the vehicle will get the same amount of attention from our pet-loving drivers. They’ll be snug, cozy, and safe throughout transit.

Your Pet Will Join Pets They’d Get Along With. Our pet ground relocation specialists determine who’ll share a vehicle.

Everyone Gets Enough Space. We limit the number of pets in one vehicle, depending on the breed and size.

We Care for Pets with Special Needs. Our drivers handle rescue pets with care, taking note of their special physical and emotional needs.

We Create a Familiar Environment. We encourage you to ship your pet with their favorite food and toys to reduce pet anxiety.

All Our Drivers Are Trained. Our pet-loving drivers are screened and trained to move, care for, and protect different kinds of pets.


Many people love pets, but not everyone is trained to care for a pet as they travel across long distances. Our drivers understand the unique needs of a pet in transit and follow precautions to protect them in many circumstances—circumstances that a well-meaning friend might not know how to handle.

As much as possible, choose ground transport (shared or not). Your pet will get lots of breaks—they can walk, exercise, play, and take a potty break during the duration of the trip. Moreover, ground transport doesn’t have extreme temperature or pressure changes that could disorient your pet.

No. We highly discourage you to sedate your pet, unless prescribed by your vet. Sedatives may disturb your pet’s normal breathing patterns.

Send your pet with their favorite toys and snacks to create a familiar environment. If you’re moving your cat, they should be acclimated to their crates at least an hour before we arrive. Visit the vet, too, to ensure your fur baby is in shape for traveling.

Yes, they will. Our dogs, for instance, are walked every four hours, while cats will have fresh litter boxes.

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