Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Transportation 

Every pet has a unique character and individual behavior patterns. We pay close attention to your pet’s habits and responses during our door-to-door pet shuttles, so you know your pet is happy and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I pay for a professional to move my pet? My friend/cousin/neighbor offered to do it.

A: Many people in your life may love pets, but they may not be familiar with the pet-handling procedures that trained professionals learn. Our team is trained to take precautions to protect your pet in many circumstances that a layperson may not anticipate. If you opt for air travel, your pet will travel with a pet care professional who has been trained to follow all relevant regulations. That way, you have the peace of mind that nothing will go wrong.

Q. Should I use ground transportation or air travel for my pet?

A. It depends on the logistics and distance of the trip. One advantage of pet ground transportation is that it lets the handler engage with your pet by walking, playing, interacting, bringing your pet for potty breaks, etc. Air travel may be inevitable, but the conditions in cargo compartments may include extreme winter and summer temperatures and altitude pressures that can cause pets to become disoriented.If that happens, our well-trained pet transportation professionals will

Q. Should I give my pet a sedative?

A. Not a good idea. Sedatives may disturb your pet’s normal breathing. Airline carriers may preclude pets from boarding a plane if they are sedated.

Q. How can I prepare my pet for travel ahead of time?

A. Be sure to obtain immunization records and health certificates early. Cats should be acclimated to their crates at least an hour before the pet movers’ arrival, and spend some time in the crate periodically prior to moving day. Food and snacks normally given to your pet should be prepared and stored in plastic containers or baggies.

Q. What if my pet needs to take a potty break?

A. Dogs on our door-to-door shuttles will be walked every four hours. Cats will have fresh, clean litter boxes.

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