Pet Van Lines’ ground transportation will ensure the safety of your beloved pets as they make their way to your next home. We offer a variety of ground transportation services to meet any specific needs you might have. Whether you are moving east to west, north to south or any other direction, our long-distance pet transportation services will relocate your animals to anywhere in the country.

Dog and Cat Transportation

Though we will transport almost any kind of domestic animal, we specialize in transporting cats and dogs. Because we travel by ground, we have the opportunity to make frequent stops. This way, your dog will enjoy stretching out their legs on longer trips and relieving themselves outside when needed. Cats can take comfort in their safe and roomy spaces, without worrying about being in a stressful environment.

Our experienced drivers will also supply your pets with what they need, like food and water. And because everyone at Pet Van Lines is passionate about ouranimal transportation services, you can rest assured knowing that your cat and dog are in the hands of a true animal lover.

For the Military

If you are in the military and have been sent PCS orders to relocate to another post, moving can be extremely stressful. You are likely on a tight schedule that you have little control over, and you need everything to move as smoothly as possible.

With Pet Van Lines, our long-distance pet transport services are flexible enough that we can and will work around your schedule. We will take the worries of your pet’s safety off of your shoulders and ensure that they will have a stress-free trip to your new home.

Rescue Animal Transportation

Every animal deserves to have a chance at a forever home, which is why we devote ourselves to transporting rescue cats and dogs. Whether it is to a no-kill shelter or to their new home, we will provide pet moving services for these loving animals.

Our professional staff is also well-educated on the health and behaviors that often come with rescue cats and dogs. Providing a calm environmentduring the pet transport service, our drivers will ease the tension and stress that these pets might be feeling. Additionally, they will make sure that the drive conditions best suit the health of the animal.

The Benefits of Ground Pet Transportation

Aside from being able to make frequent stops, there are multiple benefits to ground transportation when it comes to moving your pet.

For example, if you chose to put your pet on an airplane, you might face some complications. Animals are most often put in the cargo compartment of an airplane, which can be very loud and is not climate controlled. Because of this, there are times of the year when certain breeds cannot fly. Some airlines even have breed restrictions, so depending on the type of animal you have, they may not be able to fly at all.

With ground door to door transportation, Pet Van Lines has no breed restrictions and will control the climate in the SUVs and minivans appropriately. Your cat, dog or other pet will enjoy the peaceful environment of the van, as opposed to the big, and probably scary, airplanes and airports.

Lastly, our pet transportation services will be adjusted to suit your schedule. You won’t have to concern yourself with dropping off and picking up your pet at the airport. Our long-distance pet transport team will give you peace of mind during such a stressful time.

Popular Pick-Up Locations and Destinations

Pet Van Lines is proud to serve pet owners and rescue shelters across the nation. Here are just a few locations that frequently book our pet-friendly animal transport services:

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