As the breathtaking capital of Texas, Austin is a wonderful place to travel to or live in. With a steadily increasing population since 1990, Austin houses more than 885,000 people. If you are one of the many who live or travel in and out of Austin, our pet moving services will simplify your trip and give you peace of mind.

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Pet Van Lines and Reliability

When it comes to your beloved cat, dog or other pet, we understand that their safety and happiness is of the utmost importance to you. Because our staff at Pet Van Lines is filled only with pet lovers, you can rest assured knowing that your pet is in the most reliable hands when they are making their travels to or from Austin.

Moving can be a hectic time in anyone’s life, especially if you are on a tight schedule. With our pet moving services, we strive to be organized and on time, so that your move is a little less stressful. It just so happens that your animal will also enjoy their relaxed drive in and out of Austin, thanks to our experienced and caring drivers.

Pet Moving Services in Austin, TX

Our SUVs and minivans are stocked with the necessities, food and water, so that your animal will have everything they need during their trip. Dogs, cats and other animals alike will enjoy their roomy and climate-controlled space, unlike the cargo holds your animal would get stuck on if you chose to fly them in and out of Austin. With frequent stops, dogs can enjoy walks to stretch their legs during their travels.

Our Specialties

At Pet Van Lines, we extend our pet moving services to most of the major cities in the contiguous United States, including Austin. Because Austin is right next door to Fort Hood, we specialize in helping military families move their pets when it comes time to PCS. We understand that you can be on a tight schedule that you have no control over, but we will happily work with you. If you are wanting to transport a rescue pet, our experienced drivers are well-trained and understand the behavior and health complications that can come along with such an animal.

Are you interested in using our pet moving services in Austin? If so, contact us today at Pet Van Lines to learn more information.

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