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Dog transportation from Pet Van Lines is a service that delivers your pet to your door. We understand that moving can be stressful for your family and your pets. Our nationwide ground transportation for dogs can relieve some of your concerns about how your pet will respond to the transition.Through our dog transportation service, your petwill be comfortably transported in a stress-free environment and join you in your new home.

Advantages of Dog Transportation

Our dog transportation services focus on your pet’s health, comfort, and safety. It differs from the bustle of a family move with a large truck, transporting your vehicles to another state, and unexpected events that can interrupt your plans. Because our transport services are designed specifically for dogs, they will have a wonderful time with our trained, pet-loving drivers.Dog shipping with Pet Van Lines allows your pet to calmly travel with plenty of space in a comfortable, climate-controlled SUV or minivan.

Reasons to ship your dog

  • You’re relocating, moving, or have a long-term work assignment in another state.
  • The airlines won’t accept your dog’s breed or size.
  • Your dog doesn’t like flights, or you prefer not to fly with your dog or don’t want it in a plane’s cargo.
  • The timing or logistics of your move might be stressful for your pet.
  • You prefer to move your dog after your relocation is complete.
  • You’ve found the ideal dog, but it’s with a long-distance breeder or seller.
  • You’ve inherited or adopted a dog and need a way to get it to your home.

Dog Shipping – Ground vs. Air

Dog shipping on a plane is the fastest way to get your pet to its destination. If you decide to put your dog on a flight, Pet Van Lines will pick it up and deliver it to your door. But arranging a plane flight for your dog isn’t always possible, and it may not be what’s best for your pet. Some long-haul flights come at the cost of their well-being. In contrast, dog transport services ensure that the move will be as safe and enjoyable as possible. There are several advantages to our nationwide ground transportation for dogs.

  • No size or breed restrictions – Airline policies might restrict your dog’s breed, weight, or size.
  • Limited noise – Your dog won’t be disturbed by the sights and sounds in airplane cargo. Dog shipping in an SUV or minivan is limited to road noise.
  • Comfort – We will transport your dog in a climate-controlled vehicle. Your pet will have plenty of space to sit comfortably. And it won’t be crammed in cargo. Your dog can sit comfortably in a roomy crate or on padding in one of our minivans or SUVs.
  • Attentive to your pet – We regularly check on your pet and ensure it eats, rehydrates, and gets some exercise.
  • Travel updates – We’ll give you updates on the progress of our travel and your dog’s well-being.

Safely Transporting Your Pet

Pet safety is a priority in our dog transport services. To maintain your pet’s safety before and during travel, our team will:

  • Check certifications of your dog’s health, including current vaccinations
  • Procure a dog collar for your pet. This includes an ID and contact information for your new location
  • Use a safe and secure crate or carrier for dog shipping
  • Use a comfortable leash for walking your dog on breaks

 Our Process

  1. Pre-Travel Prep. Get in touch, so we can give you a free quote. We’ll schedule the transport and discuss all the needed preparations.
  2. Pickup. Our drivers will pick up your dog in a spacious, climate-controlled minivan. Unlike cats, dogs are cage-free.
  3. Roadtrip. Your dog will be walked every four hours. They’ll be fed according to your request. You will receive regular text message updates and photos.
  4. Rendezvous. We’ll give a heads up an hour before drop off. Soon, your dog will join you at your location.

Comfortable Dog Transportation

Pet Van Lines makes the transit as comfortable as possible for your pet.

We Create a Familiar Environment.We’ll ask you to ship your dog with their favorite snacks, toys, blankets, and other familiar items. This will increase their comfort and reduce pet anxiety.

We Have Trained and Pet-Loving Drivers.All our drivers are screened, and they undergo a class on driving pets. They are professionally trained to move and care for dogs.

We Cater to Special Needs.Our drivers handle rescue dogs with care. We’ll discuss the limitations of their physical and emotional health, so we can adjust our routines.

We Keep You Updated.During transit, we’ll keep you updated with pictures and text messages of your beloved dog.

Flexible Scheduling to Minimize Your Stress

A small gray and a small brown territor lying on a bed; for information on dog ground transportation from Pet Van Lines.

Pets are a part of the family. We’ll work with your schedule to transport your dog at the best time for your family and your pet. If you’re in the military and moving to a new post, we realize that you might have unexpected changes to your moving dates—or your location. We’ll adjust with your schedule to achieve the best outcome possible for delivering your pet to your home.

If you choose to fly your pet on an airplane, we can save you the travel time to and from the airport. We will pick up your pet from the airport and deliver it to your home or the destination of your choice.

At Pet Van Lines, our nationwide dog transportation services can contribute to a successful move for you and your pet. If you have questions about our services or want a moving estimate, call us or request a quote.


We recommend ground transportation as much as possible. Ground transportation means your dog can go on breaks and walks with their handlers. They can play with the carers, have potty breaks, and travel with their favorite snacks and toys. Also, ground transport doesn’t come with extreme temperature and pressure changes that can disorient your dogs.

However, there are cases where air travel is inevitable (especially if the trip covers a long distance). Rest assured that airlines have protocols that uphold the safety and comfort of your dog.

Anyone can be a dog-lover, but not everyone is professionally trained to move dogs across long distances. A trained driver has mastered dog-handling procedures to reduce pet anxiety. They follow strict precautions to protect your dog in many situations—situations that even the most well-meaning friend wouldn’t know how to handle.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that nothing will go wrong.

No. We discourage you from giving your dog a sedative (unless prescribed by your vet). Sedatives may disrupt your dog’s normal breathing patterns. Also, some airline carriers stop dogs from boarding the plane if they are sedated.

In our transportation services, dogs are walked every four hours. This stretches their legs, releases that pent-up energy, and allows them to go on safe potty breaks.

Yes, they will. Our dogs, for instance, are walked every four hours, while cats will have fresh litter boxes.

Here are some tips to make your dog’s journey comfy:

  • Visit the vet to make sure your dog is in shape for traveling.
  • Obtain immunization records and health certificates early.
  • Talk to your vet about car sickness medications.
  • Pack your pet’s favorite food in plastic containers or baggies.
  • Send their favorite toy or blanket with them.

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