Tampa, Florida is a wonderful place to live and vacation. If you find yourself frequenting this city, you might be wondering if there is a more convenient solution for traveling back and forth with your pet. With Pet Van Lines, we specialize in ground transportation pet moving services in Tampa, in addition to all over the contiguous United States.

Why Pet Van Lines?

With Pet Van Lines, you can rest assured knowing that our pet moving services in Tampa are the most convenient and comfortable solution for transporting your beloved cat, dog or other domestic animals. Moving can be anything but easy, especially when you have to relocate your pet, too. Because of this, we will work around your schedule so that your moving experience can be that much easier.

Benefits of Ground Transportation

Ground transportation pet moving services will provide you with a number of benefits, as opposed to the alternative of putting your furry friend on a plane. With ground transport, you don’t have to concern yourself with climate or breed regulations. We will adjust the temperatures in our minivans and SUVs to best suit your pet. Additionally, our drivers stop along the way from Tampa to your next destination so that your animal can stretch their legs.

Military and Rescue Animal Support

Whether you are in the military, or transporting a rescue animal to or from, our professional staff is happy to help. We understand that moving in the military means you probably have a tight, non-negotiable schedule, so our staff does everything they can to work within your given time-frame.

With rescue animals, we recognize the behavior and health challenges that can come along with them. Our experienced drivers know how to keep both themselves and the animals safe during travels from Tampa. And like all other animals, our staff treats these rescue animals as if they were their own pets.

If you are interested in providing your cat, dog or other pet with the most comfort during their travels to and from Tampa, visit our website at Pet Van Lines or contact us today for more information.

Tampa Pet Laws and Resources

Moving to a new city is always stressful, but there’s an added stress when you have to bring your furry family members as well. What are the areas you’re allowed to take your dog? What are licensing laws? Can your cat roam? What constitutes a nuisance animal? Sometimes it can be stressful having to track down that information and having a quick reference city guide can be very useful. Check out the important Tampa pet laws, and some helpful Tampa pet resources so when you move your furry friends here, you’ll be prepared.

Tampa Pet Laws

Unfortunately, Tampa doesn’t make pet laws easy to track down on their website, but they are administered through Hillsborough County, under the auspices of the Pet Resources department, whose website offers a wealth of information about your pet needs in the local area.

Hillsborough Tethering Laws

It is currently illegal to leave your dog tied up alone for more than a few minutes at a time. This law passed in 2016 by unanimous vote and constitutes one of the harshest anti-tethering laws in the entire state. If you’re going to let your dog out to potty, make sure you keep an eye on them and get them inside as soon as they’re done! Failure to abide by this law can carry a $300 fine and/or mandatory court appearance.

Vaccination Laws and ID Tags

All animals have to have vaccinations every 12 months. Registration, ID tags and proof of vaccination are always required. Violation of rabies vaccination rules constitutes a $100 or $200 fine. Failure to register your pet and have them wear license tags carries a $50 or $100 fine. If you commit a third offense to either of these, you must appear in court.

Animal Safety and Enforcement Fees

Hillsborough County maintains a complete list of fines for violation of Tampa pet laws, including the penalties for first, second and third offenses. These range from minor fines to mandatory court appearances.

Violations include such things as vaccinations, tag display, baiting, improper confinement, improper disposal, cruelty to animals, vicious animals and dangerous dogs, confinement to property, interference with service animals, interference with animal control officers, dealing with animal waste, contagious diseases, guard dog violations, animals in vehicle violations, and refusals to accept citation increased penalties.

Reducing Fines

If you’re cited for having a vicious animal, the fine is extensive–$450 for a first offense, followed by mandatory court appearances. However, if you prove that your animal has had County-approved obedience training, provide a veterinarian’s current health certificate, proof of microchipping and spaying or neutering, and you complete a departmental responsible pet ownership training, your fines can be reduced to $25 for this violation.

Where Can I Find the Complete Laws?

The complete list of animal and pet ordinances for Hillsborough County, FL, can be found online, and consists of Article II—Animal Control of the Hillsborough County Code. It covers everything from rabies vaccinations to registration and licensure, to ID tag display, to humane treatment of animals and cruelty to animals. It also involves rules for dealing with animals in heat, interfering with service animals, animal waste removal and more.

Tampa Pet Resources

Looking for some pet-friendly areas to visit with Fido after you settle in, or while visiting Tampa? There are some outstanding resources to help you out. Yelp has several lists of dog-friendly Tampa locations compiled by users. If you are thinking of moving to Tampa, here is what to expect living in Tampa. Bring Fido is another outstanding resource for finding dog-friendly locations in just about any city you could imagine.

Here are just a few of the great pet-friendly areas in and around Tampa you can enjoy with your furry family members. Please note that policies and procedures change on a regular basis, so it’s best practice to always contact a venue in advance before bringing your four-legged friend along for the ride!

Pet-Friendly Hotels

Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel

200 N Ashley Street, Tampa, FL



South Shore Pool Home near Apollo Beach

South Pointe of Tampa, FL

886-640-7927 (Call to approve pets)

Parks and Recreation

Suncoast Trail

Land O’ Lakes, Florida



Withlacoochee State Forest 6420 La Rose Rd, Brooksville, FL 34602


Hilltop Dog Park

9420 Harney Road, Thonotosassa, FL 33592



Ulele (American Brewpub)

1810 N Highland Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602



The Independent (American Pub and Café)

5016 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603



Big Ray’s Fish Camp (Seafood)

6116 Interbay Blvd, Tampa, FL 33611



Pet Van Lines

If you’re moving to Tampa and you want to be sure your dog or cat gets there safe, secure and happy, don’t stow them in a plane or leave them with regular movers. Pet Van Lines brings many decades of combined experience to the table among our many expert animal care professionals. We will help move your pet in safety and comfort, whether it’s down the block or across the country. Give us a call with any questions you might have, or for more information today!

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