If you’re a cat lover, you know that traveling in a car can sometimes be very stressful and hard on your feline companion. You also know that stress can result in major problems with the delicate internal balance cats have to maintain. The strain of being in their carrier has to be balanced against the dangers of letting them free in the car.

Moving your cat long-distance can be a tricky prospect, but it’s one that can be done with your feline family member kept safe, happy and healthy the whole way. Take a look at the planning and precautions to take when traveling long distance with cats, and learn how to keep your pet happy and secure on the journey.

Traveling Long Distance with Cats

There are a lot of decisions to make when traveling long distance with cats. The most basic of these is how you’re going to move. Are you going to drive or do you plan to fly? There are different considerations to make with each one, and different concerns to address.

Driving with Your Cat

If you plan to drive on your journey, make sure that your cat doesn’t eat or drink for several hours before the trip. This will help to keep them from getting sick, vomiting, or wetting themselves. Try to maintain their normal daily routine as much as you can, stopping for breaks at the right times. Keep the noise and music low to avoid stress, and don’t leave them alone. Let them know you’re there and be sure they can see you the whole time.

Flying Your Cat

If you plan to fly, you will probably have to store your cat in the baggage compartment. You’ll want to make sure you check the policies of the airline and complete any necessary paperwork. Make sure that the carrier is clearly designated as a live animal and has your full contact information securely attached, along with a description, photos and information about the cat.

Line the carrier to absorb accidents, attach dry food for the airline employees to feed your pet during layovers, and keep the crate securely closed, but not locked. If at all possible, fly direct.

Hire a Pet Moving Service

Of course, your best bet to get your beloved four-legged furry friend to their new forever home safely is to hire a professional, dedicated pet moving service. A service that knows and deeply cares about pets, and is dedicated to treating every pet like their own can be an outstanding solution to getting your cat from one home to another, allowing you to set up the home so they have a level of familiarity to help them adjust.

If you’re making a long distance move and you’d like information or help regarding moving your cat from your old house to your new one, Pet Van Lines can help. Our licensed and bonded professionals will take care of your cat like a member of our own family and deliver them safe, happy and healthy right to your new door. Give us a call to schedule a pickup or for more information today.

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