Moving can be a stressful time all around, and a cross country move is even worse. It seems like no matter how well you plan, pack and prepare, something always falls through the cracks. When you’ve got pets to bring along, it’s another serious complication. The move will likely be harder on your furry friends than it will on you, and stress can be really harmful to animals.

Think about how hard it can be on them going to the vet, then imagine that trip, but across the entire nation. Transporting your pets from one side of the continent to the other requires extra planning and care, but it can be done safely. Read these tips for moving pets across country, and what you need to do, to ensure your four-legged friends stay healthy, happy and safe.

Moving Pets across Country Yourself

Many people take the direct approach to moving pets across country: just pack them up in the car and make a road-trip of the process. This allows you to keep your pet company, keep them calm, and stop at parks and such along the way for breaks when they need to make a toilet or get too stressed. It’s a valid solution to a difficult problem.

Tips for Moving Pets

One of the biggest tips for moving your pet is to avoid packing everything up at once. Your pets will get stressed if things change too much, too suddenly. Pack up gradually so they can adjust and adapt as you go. Let them see and adjust to the packing boxes.

Maintain a normal routine for them as much as possible. Spend time with them, pet them and be affectionate with them. Bring their favorite toys, snacks and water on the ride. When you arrive at your new home, introduce them gradually, room-by-room and give them plenty of time to adjust and adapt to the new space. Be patient if they behave oddly, and understand that they need to claim their new territory.

Find your new vet as soon as you move to the new area, and after they have adjusted to the space, take your pet in for a checkup to make sure there are no stress-related issues that have resulted. This also lets them get to know their new doctor, and vice-versa.

Finding a Professional Pet Moving Service

Another solution, that removes a great deal of stress from the situation for you is to hire a professional pet moving service. Licensed and bonded professionals that love animals and do this for a living will know exactly how to move your dog or cat without stress, straight to your new home, while keeping them comfortable and happy the whole way.

This lets you focus on getting your stuff moved and organized, so you can easily integrate your pet into the new, yet ultimately familiar, space when they arrive. If you’d like more information on how a pet moving service can get your pet from coast-to-coast in comfort and happiness, call Pet Van Lines to get started today!

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