According to the National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 45.3% of American families own a cat. With such a high number, it’s no surprise that cat owners carry their cats with them when they travel.

Road tripping can be a great bonding experience for you and your cat. So, before you go on a road trip, think about your cat’s behavior. It is preferable to keep them as relaxed as possible when traveling.

Pet Van Lines has put up a list of suggestions to help you and your cat have the greatest, safest, and most enjoyable long-distance transport possible.

How to Get Ready for a Road Trip with Your Cat

Getting the right carrier

Your cat should not be allowed to roam freely in your car when you’re on the road. They could get under your feet and affect your driving. If you don’t keep your cat in a carrier, your cat could be seriously injured in case of an accident.

Get your cat a good carrier that will create a safe, peaceful environment for them and will help relieve at least some of their anxiety.

The cat carrier should be wrapped or covered with a disposable liner or old towels that can be tossed away or washed. This will make a bathroom problem much more manageable and quicker to clean up while you’re on the road.

Spend some time training your cat to enjoy their carrier before the travel day approaches to make restraint stress-free for both you and your cat.

Preparing them for a car drive

Start by bringing your cat out to the car before you leave. Sit in the back seat with your cat and offer them a few goodies before petting and brushing them.

Allow your cat to explore and roam the entire car until they’re comfortable. Then, place them in their carrier and allow them to get used to it.

Turn on some relaxing music. Take a couple of short drives around the block, slow and steady, so your cat gets used to the movement and you can observe how they’ll react to being in the car.

Bring toys

When traveling, it’s a good idea to bring their old toys or, if possible, some new and exciting toys for your cat to play with. This will keep them occupied and delighted.

You can swap them out so that they have something new to play with all the time. The more entertained your cat is during the car ride, the more they’ll appreciate the road trip.

Plan pit stops

Make pit stops along the way to give your cat food, water, and a chance to use the litter box every two to three hours or so.

Your cat can even stretch their legs outside if you have a kitty harness and leash. If you’ve never used a cat collar or leash before, make sure you test it out at home to ensure your cat can’t escape.

Trustworthy Long-Distance Pet Transport Company

Taking the advice above will guarantee that you and your cat have a safe and enjoyable trip.

If you’re looking for ways to transport your cat safely, Pet Van Lines is happy to assist you. Let our team transport your beloved cat in a stress-free ride, with the assistance of a caring professional and a spacious SUV or minivan.

Fill out our online form or call us at (832) 729-7192 to schedule a transfer or learn more about the places we service.

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