Cat Transportation

Cat TransportationIf you are a cat owner, you may be familiar with how unhappy they can be in a moving vehicle. Some suggest that this negative attitude towards travel can be attributed to the disruption in their daily routine, which can be maximized if the animal is put on a plane. While it will still be a disruption in their routine, our drivers do everything they can to ensure your cat’s comfort while in-route to your new home. With Pet Van Lines, you can rest assured knowing that our cat transportation services will keep your feline friend as safe and happy as can be.

Ground Cat Transportation

It can be stressful to move from one side of the country to the other, especially for your feline friend. Putting your cat on a plane is not a good solution because they are large, loud and scary, and cats are crammed into a cargo hold with other animals. With our ground pet transportation services, your cat can take comfort in their own space, so that they aren’t stressed about the move.

Secure, roomy and comfortable crates in our minivans and SUVs will give your cat the space they need, while still placing them in a safe position. Several stops along the way, from point A to point B, can be made in order to relieve your cat of the tension of a moving car. They will be provided with the food and water they need in order to stay hydrated and well-fed on their trip.

Maximizing Comfort

Like the roomy, but secure crate, our drivers at Pet Van Lines will ensure that your cat is as comfortable as possible during their ride to your home. With temperature control, we will adjust the climate in the vans accordingly, to best suit your furry friend. This is not something they are able to do in the cargo hold of an airline, and some breeds of cats are unable to fly.

With Pet Van Lines, you don’t have to worry about breed restrictions, as our driving conditions can suit any cat. For instance, if you are transporting a rescue cat, our drivers understand the health and behavioral complications that can come with such an animal. To best protect themselves and the cat, our drivers will follow their training and animal expertise when handling the rescue.

Experienced Drivers

Cat moving is something that our experienced drivers specialize in. Because we only staff those who are true animal lovers, you can have peace-of-mind knowing that your beloved feline friend is in safe and caring hands. Also, our drivers never leave your cat unattended, so their safety is always first and foremost.

Whether you are in the military and are on a tight, moving schedule, or you are simply relocating to another city, we will help minimize the stress of the move on your family and your beloved cat. For more information on our cat transportation services, please contact us