Pet Moving Services in Albuquerque

Located near the heart of New Mexico is Albuquerque, the state’s largest city. Between the mixture of old history and new buildings, this area is the perfect place to live and work, however, the occasion to move from this beautiful city might also arise. If you’ve been thinking about moving to or from New Mexico, our pet moving services in Albuquerque will help you relocate your beloved family pets.

What is Pet Van Lines?

Pet Van Lines is our company that specializes in moving pets, like cats and dogs, across the contiguous United States. With our services, you can maximize the convenience of your move while also relaxing with peace-of-mind, knowing that your furry friends are in the hands of those who truly care about the well-being of your family pets. To lower their stress levels, roomy and comfortable vans give your pets a smooth ride to your next home.

Air vs. Ground Transportation in Albuquerque

When you choose to put your dog or cat on an airplane, they are most often stuffed into the cargo hold, which is not climate controlled. Because of this, there are many breed restrictions when it comes to flying, as some breeds are unable to bare the extreme temperatures, which you might find in Albuquerque. Some breeds are never able to fly, as their restricted airways cannot stand the lower levels of oxygen in higher atmospheres, no matter what the temperature outside.

With ground transportation moving services, your cats, dogs and other pets will enjoy a comfortable ride to your next home in or outside of Albuquerque. You don’t have to worry about weather, breed restrictions or other delays. Our drivers do everything they can to ensure your pet’s health, safety and happiness as they travel from place to place.

Special Pet Moving Services

If you are in the military and are relocating in or out of Albuquerque, Pet Van Lines would be proud to help you transport your pets to your new home. We understand that your given schedule can be limited, so we will do everything we can to work within your given time frame. Additionally, we also help in pet moving services that involve transporting a rescue animal to their forever home, whether that is in Albuquerque or clear across the country.

Are you interested in learning more about our pet moving services in Albuquerque? If so, please visit our website at Pet Van Lines for more information.