It takes all of us a while to adjust to our new homes after a move, but it can take even more time for your cat to get acclimated with her new surroundings. The best way to encourage your feline friend to feel at home in your new living space is to provide her with areas that are just for her. Your cat will feel much more comfortable in her new environment if you set aside spaces for her and fill your new home with your cat’s familiar belongings before you move her into the home. For those of you in need of inspiration, check out these creative ideas for creating a cat space in your new home.

Her Own Dining Area

Like us, cats like to have their own area for dining where they feel safe and comfortable. Take this into consideration when you’re scoping out your new home for a place to put her food and water dishes. Would you enjoy eating your meals in a frequently used hallway or next to where you use the toilet? Probably not.

Place your kitty’s dishes in a quiet, somewhat secluded spot where she can enjoy her meals in peace. And if you have other pets or children who tend to get into the cat’s food dish, look for spaces higher up that only your cat can get to such as on top of a sturdy cat tree or cat shelf. This provides the added bonus for your regal feline since she can survey her domain and keep a watchful eye on all her subjects from high above.

A Seat at Your Desk

Cat lovers know that our cats love to be where we are at all times, whether it’s cooking in the kitchen, watching television on the sofa or working at your desk. And we can pretty much guarantee that if your feline friend is with you at your work desk, she’s laying right on top of your keyboard or mouse. In fact it’s quite possible she’s there at this very moment.

While this is often an endearing quality, it can unfortunately interfere with our work progress. Do yourself and your kitty a favor by providing her with her own seat at your work desk. You can have a special desk chair just for her, complete with height adjustments and lumbar support, or you could get an attachment for your desk just big enough for a cat bed. Whichever you decide, it will give your kitty her own space that’s still up close and personal to whatever it is you’re doing.

Drapes, Curtains and Skirts

A key factor to consider when giving your cat space in your new home is that most cats love to hide. Hiding away in a dark, cramped area allows them to feel safe and gives them their necessary private time. You can easily tailor your home to meet this need by draping tablecloths over end tables, hanging up floor-length curtains on your windows and adding a bed skirt to your bed. A variety of hidden areas like this provide your kitty with secret spots for her to turn to when she’s anxious or in need of a break from the rest of the family.

A Room With a View

Cats love looking out the window, but then again, who doesn’t? Birds, neighbors and loud rolling machines provide hours of entertainment. Create a cat space in your new home by dedicating a special window just for your cat and her viewing pleasure. You can put a chair next to the window with her pillow or bed on it, or you can even get a cat bed that attaches directly to the window. This way, she can nap, sunbathe or scope out her new neighborhood all from the comfort of her own bed.

When you’re preparing for your big move, consider enlisting the help of the professional cat movers here at Pet Van Lines. We can help you move your feline friend across town or across the country. Contact us today for more information.

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