Dogs are incredibly intelligent, intuitive creatures. They are capable of learning and picking up on human emotions. Their complexity means that they understand love and devotion and is what earned them the position of “man’s best friend.” There are, therefore, many different ways to show your dog you love him that he will understand and that will strengthen your bond with one another.

  1. Training

Despite the old saying, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Puppies may need the most training and be more receptive to learning, but it’s important to continually challenge your dog’s mental stamina. Consistently reinforce behaviors and tricks you’ve taught your dog throughout his life, and don’t hesitate to try to teach him something new. This keeps your pup occupied and continually looking to you for positive reinforcement and new learning experiences.

  1. Communicate With Your Pup

You know those dog owners who talk to their pups as if they were their children or their best friends? Try being one of those people every once in awhile. Talking to your dog in a warm, comforting voice paired with reiterating certain phrases like “I love you,” “You’re my best friend” or even “Who’s my smart boy?” can make your dog feel special. While you’re at it, pay attention to what your dog is trying to tell you through his body language or his little yowls and whines. Trying to understand and be in sync with your dog’s emotions is a great way to show your dog you love him.

  1. The Power of Touch

The power of touch extends to all members of the animal kingdom, including your canine pal. Try doting on your buddy a little bit more every now and then with some extra ear massages, chin rubs and butt scratches. Yes, we said butt scratches you know, that spot just above the base of his tail that sends his rear end wiggling back and forth every time you pat it? That’s the spot.

When giving your dog extra pets, try also paying attention to their body language to better understand what he likes and doesn’t like. For example, patting your pooch on the head when you see him may seem natural to you, but many dogs perceive it as a display of dominance and can feel threatened by the gesture.

  1. Playtime!

One-on-one playtime between you and your dog is necessary to keep them active and healthy, and it also strengthens your relationship with one another. Try something different every now and then other than the traditional fetch and tug-of-war like getting down on all fours to play and see the world at your dog’s level. This inspires trust in your dog since, for a time, it puts you on equal terms rather than being dominant over them. Play dates with other furry friends is important as well. Dogs as a whole are social creatures, so socializing them with other pups early on in life makes for a happier, more trusting companion.

Pet Van Lines, Your Trusted Professional Pet Movers

Providing your dog with extra ways to show him you love him adds enrichment and an element of spontaneity to his everyday dog life. Don’t underestimate your dog’s capacity for love and understanding, and you’ll be rewarded with a happy, affectionate friend for life.

When it’s time to move, make moving day as stress free as possible for you and your pet by enlisting the services of Pet Van Lines, your trusted professional dog movers. We will safely transport your furry companion to your new home, providing your pet with the care he needs to feel safe and loved. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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