A lot of people simply can’t imagine living their lives without their furry companions.

A 2018 survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) showed that 68% of American households own a pet — a significant increase of 56% since 1988. Of that number, 37% of pet owners travel with their pets each year.

Whether you’re going on a vacation or moving to another state, traveling can be very stressful for you or your pet if you are not prepared. If you plan to travel with your pets, you need to take steps to prepare them for the trip. In this article, we’ll provide you with a quick and handy guide for long-distance pet transport.

1. Train them for the journey

Long car rides can be bad for dogs and other animals if they are not prepared. It’s important to get your pets accustomed to traveling longer in a car if you’re making a major move with them.

You can help your pets get used to the idea of traveling by taking them on shorter trips first. If you haven’t done this before, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn their behavior and level of patience when they’re cooped up in a car.

2. Visit the vet first

Make sure your pets visit the veterinarian first for a general checkup, vaccinations, medications, or any documentation they might need. If you noticed any signs of motion sickness during the shorter trips with your pet, your vet could prescribe some motion sickness medication.

3. Check laws and regulations

Before hitting the road, make sure to review and understand all the regulations related to animals and pet ownership in your new state, city, apartment complex, etc.

Several states may require a health certificate from a vet. Some places have banned specific breeds of pets, so it’s essential to know this ahead of time. You can check the Department of Agriculture website to view some of these laws and regulations.

4. Prepare for the trip

Planning is the best way to make any long-distance trip more manageable. Take some time to figure out the following details:

  • Pet supplies to bring: Don’t forget items like pet food, water, bowls, medication, treats, a carrier/leash, and waste disposal items.
  • Where you’ll be stopping: Find and reserve pet-friendly hotels or B&Bs long before your trip. You should also have a list of stops to eat and take your pet for a walk. Leaving your pet in the car is unsafe and illegal in some areas.

5. Keep your pet secure and comfortable

Make sure your pets are safe and secure during the trip. You can buckle them in with a harness or dog seat belt. If they are in a crate, make sure it’s large enough for your pets to turn around in. Lay down a blanket or a pet bed to make the trip comfortable.

6. Take breaks and stick to your pet’s routine

Pets like dogs usually urinate more during car rides because their anxiety levels are higher. Pull over every 2 to 4 hours to give them a chance to take a bathroom break and go on walks to lower their energy levels.

You should offer water to your pets at least once every hour so they won’t get dehydrated. Also stick to your pet’s normal feeding schedule so they won’t get hungry at odd times.

How do I Transport My Pet for Long Distances?

Traveling or moving with your pets involves a lot of work, but that shouldn’t stop you from going on an amazing journey with your loyal companion.

With careful planning and dedication, you and your furry friend can get to your destination with no problems. If you’re moving, pet shipping services can help you relocate your animals seamlessly and safely.

Pet Van Lines is a pet transportation company that helps you transport your pets over long distances. If you want to learn more about our safe and hassle-free pet moving services, contact us today.

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