Moving is a stressful experience, whether you’re moving across town or across the country. Moving with pets in tow adds an additional element of stressconcerns for their safety, happiness and general well being are constant things to consider. This is where a professional pet movers service can help. Rather than attempt to transport your belongings and pets yourself or stow your beloved companions away in the cargo hold of an airplane, enlist the assistance of experienced drivers to safely transport your pet to your new home. You can minimize the stress of moving for both you and your pet by hiring Pet Van Lines to transport your pet to your new home.

Experienced Professionals

If you are moving internationally, transporting your furry companions via airplane is unavoidable. Air transport for pets is less than ideal, however, due to a number of factors such as unregulated air pressure and temperatures in cargo holds, the stressful hustle and bustle at airports and inexperienced employees handling your pets. Enlisting a friend or family member to help you transport your pet during your move is another option, but they may not be familiar with pet-handling procedures that unexpected situations may require.

You can avoid these situations if you are moving within the continental United States by hiring a professional door to door pet transportation service to transport your critter in a spacious SUV or mini-van. Experienced pet movers are trained to handle multiple species of pets in various situations, keeping your pet happy and safe.

Peace of Mind for You, Comfort for Your Pets

Entrusting your critter companions to the expertise of professional pet movers ensures more peace of mind for you and more comfort for your pet during the moving process. At Pet Van Lines, we are knowledgeable about the health and behaviors of a variety of breeds, and your pet’s well being is continually our top priority. Our well ventilated, spacious vehicles keep your pets as comfortable as possible, and our drivers make frequent stops to ensure your pets aren’t crossing their legs on their long journey. Drivers transporting dogs stop every four hours to let your pet stretch its legs, and cats travel with litter boxes within their safe, roomy crates.

Professional Pet Movers You Can Trust

At Pet Van Lines, your trusted professional pet movers, we know that every pet has its own individual personality and unique behavioral patterns, and we do all we can to cater to the needs of your specific pet. Additionally, our drivers never leave your pets unattended and can keep you updated on your pet’s progress, so you continually know the status and whereabouts of your precious pet.

We are knowledgeable and passionate about caring for your pet and we offer door-to-door service, to make your move as efficient and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our pet moving services and to receive a free personalized quote for your specific moving situation.

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