Moving your pets is a stressful and difficult time, especially if you are on active duty in our armed services. The men and women of our armed forces put everything on the line every day for us, and often find that they have to ship out to a different base on a moment’s notice. This provides precious little time to cover all your bases. Pet Van Lines is a professional company dedicated to providing top-notch Memphis pet transportation services to all people, but especially to our honored service people. Move your pets with confidence knowing we will treat them as members of our family.

Memphis Living

Memphis is the largest city in the great state of Tennessee, and rests right along the Mississippi river. It is a sunny city, averaging almost 240 days of sun every year and average temperatures ranging from 43 degrees in winter to 80 in the summer. It is the home of Elvis Presley and a leading center of arts, culture, commerce and industry. It has well-funded library facilities, a symphony, Ballet Company, opera and repertory theater company and large art museum as well as tons of museums of science, culture and a planetarium.

Memphis Pet Moving Services for Armed Forces

If you are in the military, you may receive new PCS orders to relocate on a moment’s notice. This can make the process of packing up and getting to your new home quite stressful, especially when you have pets. You have an ironclad schedule you need to follow, and you want to make sure your pets are kept happy and hale on their journey.

Pet Van Lines understands how important it is for everything to go smoothly on this journey. Our staff are trained experts in handling pets and are passionate about your furry family members. We will work with your schedule regardless of how tight it is, and will provide all of the necessary amenities to ensure that your four-legged friends get from your old base to your new base safe, secure and happy.

No-Stress Flexibility

Our flexibility, expertise and facilities enable you to remove the stress of having to move your pet from one home to the next. We travel by ground, avoiding the dangers of flight for pets such as tight cargo spaces and changes in air pressure. We use minivans and SUVs that have plenty of space, carefully monitor the interior climate, and make frequent potty stops for dogs, while providing litter boxes for cats. Our pet transportation staff are trained and caring experts in doing what we do.

Are you a member of the armed forces or anyone seeking to move to the Memphis area? We are here to make sure your pets arrive happy and healthy to their new home. Feel free to read about our services and give us a call at 832-729-7192 for more information or to schedule your appointment today!

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