When you need to move your pet to a new home, you want to be sure that your beloved family friend is cared for with the same sensitivity and compassion that you would provide yourself. Pet Van Lines provides professional Orlando pet transportation services from the door of your old home right to the doorstep of your new home. With us, you can rest assured that your pet will be treated with the same love and care as though they were a member of our very own family. We will keep them happy, healthy and safe every step of the way.

Living in Orlando

Orlando, FL is a very popular place to live for many reasons. Not only is it the home of Disney World, it’s a home of music, popular culture, and great shopping, dining, arts and education. Did you know that the University of Central Florida is the second largest institute of higher education in the entire nation? Or that it would take five years of eating every meal every day at a restaurant to visit every establishment in the city? It is the home of N’Sync, Matchbox 20, the Backstreet Boys and the poet Jack Kerouac. If you’re looking for fun, excitement, education and culture, this is the place to be!

Door-to-Door Orlando Pet Transportation

Our expert and experienced staff know all about handling rescue dogs and cats. They are passionate about animals, and love all pets. They have all of the knowledge and skills necessary to keep both themselves and your pets safe. Pet Van Lines specializes at picking up your pets right from your old home, and delivering them to the very doorstep of your new residence.

During the entire trip, your pets will be treated as the beloved friends and companions they are. We provide transportation in large and roomy minivans and SUVs, which are perfectly climate-controlled so that not only do your pets have plenty of space to help keep them calm, they will remain comfortable the entire way.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: we seek to make your life easier through pet transportation services. Your furry friends are members of your family, and we understand that. We will treat them as though they were members of our own. However complicated your schedule or tight the time frame is, we can accommodate your needs.

We travel by ground, so there’s no worry about your pets being placed in cramped cargo compartments or breed restrictions. We also constantly monitor the temperature in the vehicles and make frequent stops to ensure that your pets have a more relaxed and enjoyable journey.

Professional Pet Movers

We have one goal: for you to have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that your pets will arrive at their new home hale and happy. Give us a chance to help you—you won’t be sorry! For more information or to schedule an appointment to get started, give us a call at 832-729-7192 today!


Orlando Pet Laws and Resources

Orlando is a magical place — in some ways, literally. It is, after all, the home of Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Disney World itself. It has great beaches, a hopping nightlife and fun for residents and visitors of all ages. There are also some great pet-friendly spots to bring your four-legged family members along for the ride.

You’ll want to be sure, however, that you’re up on all the relevant laws, statutes and ordinances regarding pets in Orlando, so you and your pet stay safe and happy all the time. Check out some information about relevant Orlando pet laws and Orlando pet resources with the best pet-friendly locales for your furry friends!

Orlando Pet Laws

Orlando Pet Laws can be tricky to follow, but most are contained in Chapter 5 of the Orange County, FL, Code of Ordinances. These regulate issues like leash laws, dangerous animals, fees and fines, animal trapping, animals-at-large (off the leash), and all other aspects of animal ownership. The most relevant issues to most pet owners include the following:

  • Animals at large are prohibited. If your dog is off your property, it must be on a leash and accompanied by you at all times. If on your property, it must be properly restrained.
  • If your dog is more than 4 months old, it must be vaccinated against rabies every year. You must keep a record of this vaccination as well as having your animal wearing a tag at all times.
  • You must license your dog or cat every year, which can be combined with the rabies vaccination tag.
  • Nuisance animals, defined as those who habitually make bothersome noises; chase people, animals or vehicles; act aggressively; damage or destroy property; are unwelcome guests on property not your own; emit offensive odors; or otherwise cause annoyance or disturbance, are forbidden, and citations may be issued, in addition with impoundment in severe cases.
  • Animal neglect and abuse are serious offenses in Florida and you can be subject to severe fines and penalties if you are found guilty.

Orlando Pet Resources

Looking for resources for things like pet-friendly restaurants and beaches, pet spas, kennels and stores? There are a number of places you can go for Orlando pet resources, but here are a few of the most well-known places for your furry friend.

As always, it’s important to remember that rules and regulations change all the time, so it’s always a good idea to call first so you don’t get hit with unpleasant surprises when you and your pup show up!


Always call to check the hotel policy first because some may welcome dogs and not cats, while others may restrict pet sizes or have other rules. If you’re looking to bring your pet along for a visit, some of the best pet-friendly hotels in the city include the following:


Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando

5800 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819



Alfond Inn

300 East New England Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789



Hyatt Regency Orlando

9801 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819




Ritz-Carlton Orlando

4012 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando, FL 32837





Here are some of the hottest pet-friendly restaurants in Orlando. Give them a call to make sure that your pet meets their rules, requirements and restrictions. Many may only permit pets if you’re sitting in the outdoor dining area.

310 Lakeside (New American)

310 E Pine St., Orlando, FL 32801



Dexter’s (Café and Wine Bar)

808 East Washington Street, Orlando FL 32801



Relax Grill at Lake Eola (American-Mediterranean)

211 Eola Pkwy, Orlando, FL, 32801



World of Beer (Brasserie and Cocktail Bar)

431 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801



Doggie Daycare

Here are some of the best boarding facilities who are happy to take your pup for the day while you’re out and about.

Universal Orlando Studio Kennel ($15 per pet per day)

Universal Studios, Orlando, FL 32801



Best Friends Pet Care Resort

2510 Bonnet Creek Pkwy (Walt Disney World Resort), Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830



K-9 Lounge ($24/day; $99/5 days; $180/10 days)

2438 E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32803


Happy Paws Pet Resort

12693 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32826



Pet Events in Orlando

Orlando is a city where people celebrate their pets — and there’s even a wealth of special pet events that go on all year round, every year. Whether it’s the Doubletree Wine for Whiskers festival, the Pampered Pet Expo, the annual Halloween Park Avenue Pet Costume Contest or the Jingle Bell Dog Jog during the Christmas Parade, there’s always a fun way to show off your pets and make new friends!

Pet Van Lines

If you’re looking to move to Orlando, you’ll want a service you can trust to help you relocate your pets. There’s a much better way than having them in the baggage compartment of an airplane, or stuck in a carrier cramped in your car with all your other stuff. Pet Van Lines will transport your pets in climate-controlled vehicles and give them all the love, care and attention they need by specially trained, certified experts in animal care. For more information, give us a call today!

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