There can be a number of reasons why you may want or need to have a pet shipped from one location to another.  The most common reason is that you and your family are relocating to another area of the country for retirement, to be closer to family members, employment, military deployment, or other reasons.  There can also be reasons to use pet shipping are like you are working with a breeder or adopting a rescue pet.

If you are planning to use a pet transportation service, there are some things you might want to keep in mind.

Finding a Pet Transportation Company

Find a company that is a professional in the industry.  Trusting your pets to your somewhat weird cousin or even a friend may not be better than working with a company that has provided this service for years and hires employees who are genuinely concerned for the welfare of your pets.  The drivers should be used to long drives and understand solid techniques to keep your furry or feathered friends happy and comfortable.  They should operate good quality vehicles that are climate controlled and show the expertise necessary for a safe move.

Verify the services they provide and make sure they will be able to handle any of your pets’ quirks or temperaments.  Transporting animals can be complicated and it is important to know that the company and its drivers are fully capable to handling any unusual situation.  Experience is the best indicator and years of successful service are critical.  Read the testimonials and any reviews.

Talk with them voice to voice.  Are they friendly?  Do they seem overwhelmed and pressed for time?  Do they offer advice or suggestions?  Are they responsive to your questions?  In the long run, let your instincts be your guide.  The cost is, of course, a factor, but the intrinsic well-being of your four-legged family is at stake.

Contact us at Pet Van Lines.  We are happy to discuss our service options and how we can help you make the travel of your pet or pets more comfortable for all involved.  Start with the handy form on our website.  One of our service representatives will be glad to speak with you at your convenience so that you can find out about us and we can obtain the necessary information to be sure your pets arrive safely at their final destination.

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