Whether it’s altering our exercise routines or revamping our wardrobes, we all need time to adjust to the changing seasons. Many of us might not think about it, but our dogs need time to adjust to the changing weather as well. Let’s explore ways that you can prepare your dog for warmer weather that’s just around the corner.

Prepare Your Dog for Warmer Weather with Regular Grooming

Just like you put away your winter coats when the weather gets warmer, your dog’s luxurious winter coat needs to retire for the year as well. Every dog’s coat is different, so keep your pup’s specific breed in mind when you’re thinking about making a grooming appointment. A short-haired dachshund certainly doesn’t need as many grooming appointments as a long-haired Great Pyrenees. In addition to keeping your pooch cooler during the warmer months, maintaining their coat also prevents the fur from becoming tangled and matted with leaves and other debris.

Provide Water at all Times

Your dog should have constant access to fresh water all year-round, but this is especially pertinent during warmer weather. No matter how long or short your walk is, always take water with you to give to your dog in case they need it. Overheating is one of the most common reasons dogs visit the vet during the warmer months, and a lack of cool, fresh water is a contributing factor. Keep your pup safe and hydrated at all times.

Don’t Over-exert Your Pup

Over-exertion, particularly because of the heat, is the another contributing factor to heat exhaustion in dogs. This is an emergent, life-threatening issue that you want to avoid at all costs. Your pup may have been up for that three-mile walk during the cooler months, but be cautious when transitioning your dog’s exercise routine to the warm seasons. Take things slow, and constantly be aware of your dog’s state. If your dog is salivating or panting more than usual or frothing a bit at the mouth, stop what you’re doing and allow them a nice, long rest in the shade.

Make an Appointment with the Vet

With the warmer weather comes more time spent outside for you and your dog. More time outside means more exposure to potentially harmful diseases, so prepare your dog by getting the necessary veterinary care. If you live in a region where mosquitoes are common, keep your dog on heartworm prevention year-round. They should ideally be on flea and tick prevention year-round as well, but this is particularly vital during the warmer times of the year. Many vaccines differ according to region, so double-check with your vet that your pup has all the necessary vaccines to keep them safe based on your particular lifestyle.

If you’re trying to prepare your dog for warmer weather as well as prepare your dog for moving, consider the help of one of our pet movers at Pet Van Lines. Our professional pet movers understand your dog’s needs during any time of the year, including the more demanding warmer seasons. Contact us today for more information about how we can make your move less stressful for you and your pet.

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