Anytime you’re talking about cleaning a home with pets, maintenance is key. You don’t want to let the fur, stains and odor build up until it takes a week just to purify your house and make it presentable. Regularly cleaning your home improves your life and the life of your pets, and it saves you a lot of time and effort when it’s time for making your house market-ready. Let’s take a look at the best ways that you can keep your house clean even when you have a horde of crazy critters.

1. Brush Your Pet Several Times a Week

Most pets require a good brushing several times a week in order to prevent their fur from turning into a tangled, matted mess. Along with keeping your pet as beautiful and comfortable as ever, brushing your pet regularly also benefits you. If the fur you’re brushing is on the brush, that means it’s not on your floor and furniture. Brushing the excess fur off your pet prevents that much more fur from accumulating in your household and makes cleaning a home with pets that much easier.

2. Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

No matter how much we do brush our pets, their fur still manages to fall off and stick to every surface inside our homes. If we let this go on for too long without cleaning it up, the fur turns into stubborn little clumps that are nearly impossible to get out of nooks and crannies like those between the carpet and the walls. Make your life a little easier by sweeping and vacuuming away the fur at least twice a week, even in those hard-to-reach places. This will make making your house market-ready quicker and easier since you won’t have to empty your vacuum ten times before you finally get rid of all the fur.

3. Get Rid of Nasty Stains

As with fur buildup, maintenance is key with cleaning up your pet’s messes. Despite our best efforts, this may not always be possible if your pet makes a mess in a place you don’t often look. If you’re making your house market-ready and happen upon a nasty stain, try a stain remover from a pet store before you look into more heavy-duty chemicals. Many house cleaners contain ingredients that are harmful to your pet, while cleaners from pet stores are normally safe to use around pets.

4. Air Freshener

Even after you’ve purged your home of all signs of your pets other than your pets themselves, scents from their litter boxes and previous messes tend to linger. Aerosol air fresheners and candles that are pet-safe are a quick and easy solution to this problem, but they aren’t necessarily the best option in the long run.

Plants make great air purifiers as well as lovely decorations, but you always want to make sure you choose plants that are safe for your pet. Pet-friendly plants that make great decorations and air purifiers include African violets, zebra plants, spider plants, ferns and orchids. If your thumb isn’t as green as you’d like it to be, investing in an electronic air purifier is another effective option for keeping your home’s air fresh and clean.

If you’re cleaning a home with pets in order to make your house market-ready, a move is likely coming up in your and your pet’s near future. Make the move easier on both you and your pet by consulting the professional pet movers here at Pet Van Lines. Your pet’s comfort and safety is our top priority, so you can trust that your pet is in good hands as they’re on their way to their new home.

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