Moving is a chaotic time for everyone involved, but it can be especially frightening for your furry friends. Take a look at these moving tips for pet owners to discover how you can make the moving process less stressful for you and your pets.

1. Pack Your Pet’s Belongings Separately

Between your kitchen supplies, junk from the garage and toiletries, your pet’s belongings can easily get lost in the seemingly endless array of moving boxes. Avoid this by keeping your pet’s belongings in a special box separate from your other belongings. This way, you can easily unpack your pet’s things and set them up throughout your new living area to be ready to use as soon as you move your pet into their new house.

2. Keep Your Pet’s Medical Records Handy

Along with keeping your pet’s toys and bedding safe, make sure to keep their veterinary records in an easily accessible place. This is one of the more overlooked moving tips for pet owners, but you never know when you may need to access them in an emergency situation. Many counties and states have their own specific regulations for pet tests and vaccines, so you may also need to show proof of the required medical services when you move.

3. Move Your House Before Moving Your Pet

One of the biggest mistakes pet owners make when they move with their pets is to move their pet into their new home before it’s ready. Always move your furniture and belongings into your new home and arrange everything as much as possible before you introduce your pet to the household. Moving with a pet is the number one way that pets end up getting lost and separated from their families, and this often happens when pets escape out the door as owners bring in their belongings.

Moving your pet in too soon before everything is situated can also cause unnecessary stress on your pet. They’re already afraid and uncertain in a moving environment, so there’s no need to stress them further by moving furniture around and throwing boxes to and fro.

4. Maintain a Low-Stress Environment

So we know that the terms “low-stress” and “moving” are pretty much an oxymoron, but you should try your hardest to make the moving experience as easy as possible for your precious pet. While you may understand the moving process and the reasoning behind all the hustle and bustle, your pet has no idea why there’s been so much mayhem.

When you’re moving items out of your old home, lock your pet away in the quietest and most peaceful room to prevent them from becoming stressed and even escaping out the door. Make sure they have plenty of access to food and water, and try to maintain your normal play and walk routine as much as possible. This is one of the most important moving tips for pet owners, as it helps keep your pet safe and comfortable and prevents a possible catastrophe.

5. Consider a Pet Moving Service

For many pets and their owners, the most stressful point in the move is actually moving your pet. Maybe you’re moving across the country and you’re concerned about putting your pet on an airplane, or perhaps you’re moving across town and are concerned about your anxious pet’s behavior in the car. If you’re nervous about transporting your pet, consider consulting a professional pet moving service to transport your pet for you.

The expert pet transporters here at Pet Van Lines understand your pet’s behavior, and they are trained to handle a variety of unanticipated situations one might encounter on the road. Contact us today to find out more information, and make your move easier on both you and your best friend.

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