When winter storm Uri brought freezing temperatures to normally sunny Texas in February, residents were not the only ones affected. Stray dogs and cats scrambled to look for shelter to escape the extreme cold. Texas animal shelters opened their doors to these stray animals in the hope of keeping them alive.

But the state was struck by widespread power outages and lack of water supply. Shelters eventually found themselves exhausting their resources and filling their spaces to overcapacity. The need to transfer animals to other shelters outside the state became urgent.

However, a different problem also presented itself at that time: Is it safe for cross-country pet transport in that weather using only private vehicles or non-professional transportation?

Why Professional Pet Transport is Important

The storm has long passed, and Texas is now seesawing between dry and rainy, but the lessons from Uri remain. Animal shelters now know that the answer to the question above is no.

When bringing animals for long-haul drives, proper precautions must be taken to ensure their safety. The right transport service is important for the journey.

This is because traveling long distances is uncomfortable for dogs and cats. And if the transport handlers are not professional and trained, they could make mistakes that will harm the animals. Here are a few examples of improper handling of animals during transport:

Sedating the animals

Sedating pets for long-distance travel is not advisable, but some pet transporters are uncomfortable having moving animals on their vehicles while on the road. So, they inject tranquilizers to keep the furry creatures still.

There’s nothing wrong with doing so—if they know the correct dosage. Amateur animal transporters may not have the right training to administer the right sedative. Trained professionals are more adept at handling anxious pets.

Using the wrong carrier

The carriers used to transport pets are different from what you would normally use at home. Amateur transporters, however, might not know this and might use a regular carrier, which isn’t sturdy enough for long-distance travel. The wrong carrier will not be good for the animals.

Putting animals in shared transportation

The winter storm and its effects put a time crunch on transporting pets across state lines. It meant shelters had to transport different breeds and species together. Professional shared animal transport services do this efficiently, avoiding problems that usually arise when multiple animals travel together. Non-professionals will have a difficult time.

Skipping important paperwork

Some amateur pet transporters may be unfamiliar with the paperwork requirements or processes of different states. It could lead to missing information, improper documentation, and other issues that may delay the move. Considering the severity of the situation, any transport delays could be harmful to animals and burdensome to shelters.

Pet Van Lines: Safe Animal Transport for Your Shelter

If your animal shelter requires transport services, Pet Van Lines is ready to help. Our pet transport service specializes in long trips. All our team members are trained to move dogs and cats, ensuring their safety and comfort during the journey.

Whether you face another threatening storm or a loving family in another city wants to adopt your furry creatures, get your animals to safety through professional pet transport. Get in touch with Pet Van Lines today to book their trip.

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