Reliable Pet Taxi Services in Boston

Pet Van Lines takes the burden of transporting your pet from one place to another off your shoulders!

We provide pet taxi services in Boston, safely taking your furry, feathered, and scaled friends to where they need to be anywhere in the city.


and up per trip

We’ll Take Your Pets to Their Boston Appointment

Traveling can be stressful for both you and your pets. For one, you have to prepare many things to ensure their comfort. Some pets also feel extremely restless when traveling, especially in tight, uncomfortable, and crowded spaces.

You also may not have the right vehicle to take pets on a comfortable ride to their destination. This is an important consideration, especially for more sensitive types of pets or those that get anxious easily.

Public transport isn’t always reliable either. The Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority, which operates the train and bus services in the Boston metropolitan area, doesn’t allow non-service dogs on the T during rush hours (7:00 to 10:00 AM and 4:00 to 7:00 PM).

This is why Pet Van Lines offers comfortable pet taxi services for pet parents in Boston who don’t have the time or the right mode of transportation to take pets where they need to be for the day.

Our pet taxi services in Boston includes:









  • One of our drivers will come to your location in the city to pick up your pet.
  • We’ll transport them to their destination and ensure their safety.
  •  Our driver will wait for the appointment to finish.
  • We’ll return your pet to you safely

Our Pet Transport Services

Pet Van Lines offers different pet taxi services across Boston. Our team of professional pet drivers, composed of animal lovers professionally trained in handling different kinds of pets, can take your animal companions to and from their appointments no matter where it is in Boston.


pet taxi boston

How It Works

With the help of Pet Van Lines, you can get your pet anywhere they need to be around Boston. We can take your pet to and from:

Pet Care Facilities

Pet Grooming Appointments

Vet Appointments


And more

Our pet cab, which is a roomy and clean SUV or minivan, will transport your pets. Our cars are climate-controlled to ensure that pets remain as comfortable as possible during the journey.



Reach out to us

Give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll discuss the particulars of your beloved pet’s transport. We’ll also give you a free quote and answer any questions you may have.



We’ll pick your pet up

On the scheduled pick-up date, our drivers will meet you and pick your pet up in one of our comfortable pet taxis.



We’ll take them to their destination

Your pet’s designated driver will make sure your pet is properly settled and give you updates once they’ve arrived at their destination.



We’ll return them home safely

We’ll let you know when it’s time to return and get your pet safely back home to you.

Pet Taxi Service Rates in Boston

You can get your pets to their destination anywhere in Boston for as low as $45 per ride with an additional charge of $10 for every 30 minutes of waiting time.

The rate changes based on several factors, including the distance between the pickup point and the destination, as well as the number of pets you’re transporting.

Our friendly team is always ready to discuss the accommodations you need for your pets so we can give you a more accurate quote.

Benefits of Hiring Pet Taxi Services

Expert pet handling

Pet Van Lines’ drivers are all thoroughly educated in managing various types of pet animals and are all cautious drivers. You may leave your pets with us knowing they are in good hands.


It might take time to prepare your dogs for public transportation or to arrange your own car to accommodate them. With Pet Van Lines’ tailored pet taxi services, you won’t have to worry about that.

Less stress for you and your pet

Traveling with an animal partner may be unpleasant for both you and your pet, especially if they are nervous. A professional pet transportation company,, such as Pet Van Lines, relieves you of that responsibility.

Don’t Let Your Pets Miss Their Appointments

You don’t have to stress yourself out trying to figure out how to take your pet to an appointment without your own car or if it’s conflicting with your schedule. Pet Van Lines provides the perfect pet taxi option in Boston.

Call us today and get a free, no-obligation quote for your pet’s next trip across the city.

Book a Truly Pet-Friendly Taxi Service in Boston

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