The holiday season is approaching, and our furry pals deserve to enjoy them just as much as we do. Check out these awesome gifts for pets that will make them feel extra special.

1. A Christmas Sweater

This year, include your pooch in your Ugly Christmas Sweater fun with this elf sweater. It’ll keep your buddy warm and looking cute, and who knows? Maybe it could even end up on this year’s Christmas cards.

2. Holiday Bling

When there are so many stylish options out there, why keep the same collar on your pet year-round? Just transfer your pup’s ID tags to this ruffled bow collar, and they’ll be marching down the sidewalk to the Christmas carols too.

3. Cozy Decor

New and comfy places for your pet to lounge provide them with new stimulation and additional spaces they can call their own. Show your pet what a gift they are to you with this holiday present bed, complete with a cushion inside and a bow on top.

4. Scratchin Around the Christmas Tree

It’s probably time to get your feline companion a new scratcher anyway, so why not make it festive with a gingerbread house cat scratcher? Sprinkle a little catnip on it, and your kitty will be happily scratching away in no time.

5. New Dishware

Let it snow this season with this snowflake dog bowl, even if it never goes below 75 degrees outside. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, wintry dishware is sure to make your pet’s meals look more festive.

6. Stocking Stuffers

Hanging up a stocking for your pet is an adorable way to include them in your holiday festivities. Hang up this stocking full of cat toys above your mantle this year so your kitty has its very own stocking to explore Christmas morning.

7. Give a Little, Get a Little

Get a gift for both you and your pet with a DIY pawprint ornament. It’ll provide a fun (and possibly comical) activity you and your pet can do together, and you’ll end up with a unique ornament for your tree.

8. Holiday Feast

It’s always tempting to treat your best buds to table scraps, but it’s especially difficult to resist during the holidays. Try one of these turkey, sweet potato and cranberry meals instead to keep your pet happy and healthy during mealtime this season.

9. A Special Treat

Food is the way to many of our hearts, and it’s also the way to our pets’ hearts. New treats are a great way to keep your pet’s attention and to show them that you care. Whether your dog has been naughty or nice this year, they’re sure to enjoy these organic “lumps of coal” dog treats.

Pet Van Lines Cares About Awesome Gifts for Pets

Here at Pet Van Lines, your pet’s happiness is our top priority, and we want them to have their best holiday yet. Try out some of these awesome gifts for pets, and let us know if you can use our pet moving expertise this season.

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