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Phone, keys, wallet-—whenever we go on a trip, we always have our checklist of essentials. The same goes for our furry friends. Make sure you and your dog will have a stress-free ride by having these road trip necessities.

Food and Water

Keeping your dog hydrated and fed throughout the trip is important. Make sure to stop regularly so your four-legged friend can drink water. You might also want to consider getting foldable bowls, which are designed for convenience and to save space.

Before the trip, consider how many days the trip will last and how much dog food you need to pack. A few extra treats are okay, too. It’s a vacation, after all! But try not to veer away from your pet’s regular diet to avoid stomach issues.

Collar and Leash

When you’re at a stopover, there’s a big chance your furry friend will get excited! They’re in a new place with new smells. It’s easy for them to get carried away, so it’s wise to still pack a harness even when you’re used to letting your dog go off-leash.

To be extra safe, put your name and contact number on the dog tag in case of an emergency.

Poop Bags

Stopovers are also when your pup will have their bathroom breaks, so don’t forget to bring poop bags! This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to forget when you’re doing last-minute packing.

Bed and Crate

Being in transit can be stressful for some canines. You can help calm them by making the backseat more comfortable with their bed and some blankets. By having something that looks and smells familiar, your pup will feel safer, allowing them to relax more.

The same is true for when you’ve reached your destination. In the event that your pup doesn’t find an ideal bed in the place you’re staying, their bed or crate will be their haven.

A First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Having a first aid kit is a good idea, especially if you’re having an outdoor adventure. Whether you decide to buy a kit or put one together, make sure you have the following items:

  • Tweezers
  • Adhesive and Gauze Bandages
  • Medical Tape
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Scissors

Vaccination Records

Medical records are important if you’re crossing any international border. You might also need to present them when boarding your pup to any new kettle. Not everyone will require them, but it’s always better to come prepared. That way, you minimize the chances of getting stressed during your trip.

Pet Van Lines can make moving or vacationing easier for you and your furry friend. We make the transit safe, secure, and comfortable by:

  • Creating a familiar environment for your pet and catering to any special needs
  • Having our drivers trained to move and care for dogs
  • Keeping pet owners updated through texts and photos, if the pet is not traveling with them

Request a free quote on our dog transportation services today to prepare for your next road trip.

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