Your pet may love driving and going to new places, but a long-distance journey is a different matter altogether. They’ll stay in a vehicle for a much longer period than a drive to the park. More importantly, your pet will be separated from you; they’ll either be in the company of a stranger or alone in a cramped compartment.

It’s important, therefore, to prepare your pet properly. If they aren’t ready, they might be disoriented or, worse, get sick. Pet anxiety may also lead to undesirable behaviors.

To help you with your big move to another state, Pet Van Lines compiled a simple guide for transporting your pet comfortably and safely to your new home.

Make Sure Your Pet is in Shape

Pets with a healthy weight are more suitable for long-distance travel. However, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that in 2018, 36.9% of dogs and 25.7% of cats were classified as overweight. Additionally, 18.9% of dogs and 33.8% of cats were classified as obese.

If a pet is overweight, it’s more difficult for their bodies to regulate temperature, resulting in stress and dehydration in transit. In contrast, a healthy pet has increased stamina, which will help them adjust to new environments.

Plus, it’s much more fun to have a healthy pet during the summertime. If your pet is strong and agile, you can make the most of the sunshine and outdoor play in your new address.

If your pet falls into the overweight or obese category, tell your veterinarian about your plans to move to another state. They’ll help you get your pet in shape through:

  • Lots of exercise before the big move
  • Controlled portions during meals
  • More water and fewer treats
  • More mindful pet food choices

Prepare the Requirements

The requirements vary from state to state, but most require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), an Official Health Certificate (OHC), and rabies vaccinations.

  • CVI – This is issued by an accredited veterinarian. A CVI proves that your pet is in good health and doesn’t carry illnesses that might harm the people or animals in the destination.
  • OHC – Like a CVI, an OHC is issued by an accredited veterinarian and proves that your pet is fit for travel.
  • Rabies Vaccinations – Some states only need a CVI to check the pet’s rabies vaccination. However, some states require a rabies tag, which bears a unique serial number.

If you work with Pet Van Lines, we’ll assist you in gathering the right documents for your pet’s transport.


Choose a Good Transport Option for Your Pet

Your pet is part of your family and deserves the safest and most comfortable pet transport service.

Airlines offer the most convenient interstate movement, but they’re not the most comfortable option. Airplane rides come with extreme temperature and pressure changes that may disorient your pet. Moreover, they’re confined to a small space for a long time. If you have an active and playful pet, they won’t be happy in the cramped container.

As much as possible, Pet Van Lines recommends ground transportation.

  • Trained Personnel. In ground transport, your pet won’t be alone. They’ll be accompanied by licensed drivers trained to handle pets in transit.
  • Potty Breaks and Exercise. Ground transport allows for potty breaks and walks.
  • Comfort Items. You may send your pets with their favorite toys, blankets, and snacks to ease the anxiety during the ride.

Pet Van Lines is dedicated to providing safe and comfortable long-distance travel for your pet. Simply tell us your requirements, and we’ll arrange a pleasant interstate move for your best buddy.

Plan for the Busy Unpacking Days

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve transported your pet and possessions to your new home in a new state. For the next couple of days, you’ll be unpacking things, assembling and moving furniture, installing locks, and cleaning the entire house.

As such, you might not have the time to drive your pet to their new daycare or grooming salon.

Pet Van Lines knows how busy the post-move week can be. That’s why we also offer pet-friendly taxi services. We help pet owners ensure their buddies’ needs are met promptly.

Our pet cab services include dropping pets off, waiting, and picking them up from:

  • Pet care facilities
  • Vet appointments
  • Pet grooming salons

Start Preparing Today

Let Pet Van Lines reduce the stress of moving from one state to another. Get a free estimate today!

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