You guys were so nice and very understanding from start to finish… They moved my two Rhodesian Ridgebacks from Saint Simons Island GA to New York City. -- Peter and Nancy Miller.

Pet Transport

to & from Any State

There are many solutions for moving your belongings across the country, but what about what you treasure most? Relocating your beloved pets from home-to-home can be stressful for you and for them.

For peace of mind, we can offer you an alternative to putting your furry friend on an airplane. Here at Pet Van Lines, we specialize in ground transportation for pets so that you don’t have to worry about their health or safety during the commute.

Entrust Us with Your Pet Transport

"Professional and polite throughout the entire move. We can't thank you enough for your help moving out two cats from Colorado to Boston." Ann Simmons - Atlanta GA to Phoenix AZ

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Why Pet Van Lines?

Our experienced employees care about the well-being of your companion and are never anything but professional. Your cats, dogs or other pets will enjoy their trip home with frequent stops, walks and the proper resources they need. Unlike air travel, you won’t have to concern yourself with climate or other regulations that may prevent your pet from traveling.

If you fear that your trip’s distance is too long, we will assure you that it is not. We don’t mind driving cross-country, from Los Angeles to Miami, as long as it is what you and your pet need. Additionally, we pride ourselves on transferring rescue animals so that they will reach their forever home, wherever you may be.

Pet Transports

done right

  • Enjoy the convenience of door-to-door service, no matter where your destination is in the contiguous United States.
  • Cast away all worries about the safety of your beloved pet, knowing they are in the best hands.
  • Avoid the traffic and uncertainties of plane travel for your furry friends.
  • Rest assured knowing that your cat or dog is comfortably traveling with all the resources that they need.
  • Relocate military family pets and rescue animals without the worries of time or distance restraints.
100% Approved

by Customers

Bonded and fully insured for your pet’s protection and your peace of mind. We have 22 years of experience providing satisfied pet owners with safe, personal, crate-free pet transportation, and healthy choices in pet relocation, serving the entire U.S and Canada.



What makes our company stand out is the approach that we choose for the daily tasks: we want you to enjoy the experience of using our pet moving services

Climate Controlled

For most animals, riding in the cargo compartment of an airplane can be loud and unbearable, temperature-wise. With our pet transportation, your family’s companion will enjoy the climate controlled and peaceful environment of our SUVs and minivans. No matter what time of the year or what breed your animal is, we will adjust the temperature in our vehicles to accommodate as such. We don’t have breed restrictions either,


Professional Staff

Because our staff is experienced with the health and behavior of rescue cats and dogs, they have the knowledge they need in order to keep both them and the animal safe during travels. More importantly, we just love pets. You can rest assured knowing that your furry family members are in the hands of someone who is compassionate about ensuring their safety. We care about your pets, they are family to us.


Connect with Pet Van Lines

Contact us here at Pet Van Lines to learn more about how we can help you relocate your beloved family pet across the nation to your new home.

Telephone: 832-729-7192

E-mail: petvanlines@gmail.com


Waiting for You

From booking to communications, to payment: Pet Van Lines helps you transport pets faster, cheaper, safer, and easier, so you can stay focused on your business.

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