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The thought of shipping your dog can create some anxiety. If you’re like us, your dog is more than just a pet or a possession. Dogs are beloved family members. Unfortunately, traveling across the country with your four-legged friend can be a challenge. Since 2005 Pet Van Lines has provided ground shipping for pets across the U.S. We cater to dogs and their owners.

What Is Dog Shipping?

Dog shipping is a pet-conscious way of relocating your dog. Extended travel can be stressful for dogs, but there are ways to travel and cater to the pet—not to the driver or other passengers. Rather than load your dog in a car with household items, dog shipping provides a relaxing environment that is comfortable for your pet.

What to Expect with Dog Shipping

At Pet Van Lines, dog shipping and pet relocation are our primary business. When you entrust your pet to us, you can expect the following services:

  • Door-to-door transportation
  • No breed restrictions
  • Safe drivers who are knowledgeable about different breeds
  • Transport in a climate-controlled minivan or SUV
  • Comfortable bed or crate with padding
  • Accommodations for your dog’s favorite toy, blanket, or food
  • Sensitivity to your dog’s needs, behaviors, or anxieties
  • Regular breaks throughout dog shipping for your pet to eat, rehydrate, exercise, and relieve itself
  • Status reports keeping you aware of our route and your dog’s health and well-being

Ground Shipping for Dogs vs. Air Transport

When you choose dog shipping with Pet Van Lines, your dog will enjoy ground transportation in a comfortable, climate-controlled minivan or SUV. Your dog will be our priority and not incidental luggage.

How do our services differ from air transportation?

  • Your dog will be securely located in the vehicle.
  • Depending on your preference and the dog’s size, it can be in a crate, dog bed, or on the padding we provide for pets.
  • Unlike pets that are permitted in an airplane cabin, your dog will not be stored in a crate beneath a seat.
  • You won’t have to worry about the trauma of your pet being in airplane cargo and experiencing turbulence and noises that are common with a plane ride.
  • While riding as cargo in an airplane, your dog might be in a crate that’s stacked above or beneath other animals.
  • Dog shipping with Pet Van Lines places your dog in a secure, roomy area in the vehicle.

When you create a Pet Van Lines listing with your dog’s name, breed, and unique needs and post it on our marketplace, our specialized pet carriers will reach out directly with competitive custom quotes on your precious cargo. In addition to being thoroughly vetted, our team all have Pet Van Lines profiles where you can view their transport history and safety records, as well as feedback left by dog owners like you.


Start our simple three-step transportation process today!

Step 1: Submit a request for dog shipping

Ensuring the best dog-shipping rates and quality of service requires a few details from you. A driver who is experienced with shipping Chihuahuas might not be able to handle a Husky, and vice versa. Your request will include dog information (breed, name, special needs), requested travel dates, and whether or not you require a kennel. The details you provide make it easier for our team to generate accurate quotes.

Step 2: Find the right driver for your pet

Every dog-shipping driver in our extensive network brings something great to the table, but we’ll find a match for you and your pet. When your request is published, we’ll connect you to our team of drivers and give you quotes on your project. In addition to the quotes, you can view the driver’s profile, read reviews from past customers, and contact the driver with specific questions.


Questions to ask potential drivers:


  • How long have you been transporting pets?
  • What types of dogs have you shipped?
  • Will you provide regular updates during the trip?
  • What supplies should I provide?
  • How frequently will my dog get exercise or potty breaks?
  • What’s your procedure for overnight trips?

Step 3: Enjoy safe dog shipping and delivery

After choosing dog shipping services and answering the preliminary questions, it’s almost time to travel. Before your dog begins its journey, you and the driver will discuss pick-up/drop-off logistics and give the transporter your contact information. Your dog and its driver will be on their way to the destination of your choice. The driver will update you throughout the trip. The next step is greeting your dog at the destination.

Ready to start planning your dog’s journey?
Door to door delivery - satisfaction guaranteed

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Rather than entrusting your dog to under-qualified amateurs, arrange comfortable transportation with fresh air, regular walks, and hands-on attention from a trusted expert (and verified ‘dog lover’).

Pet Van Lines has your coast-to-coast dog-shipping needs covered.

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If you’re looking for an exclusive rate on specialized dog shipping, you’ve come to the right place. Our industry-leading pet transportation solutions include the following services:


Premium Dog Shipping – 1 to 3 Days

It's the closest thing on the market to a dog limo. This exclusive service gives your dogs or cats a private cross-country ride and keeps you updated with photos and texts.

The best part? Your dog can travel cage-free!


Multi-Pet Moving – 1 to 5 Days

Save money while still taking advantage of our industry-leading pet moving expertise.

Multi-pet moving involves three to five crated pets sharing the same van and regular updates via text (no photos).

Whatever option you choose, your dog will receive high-quality attention and care. Schedule your pet’s journey today.

Dog Shipping Preparation Instructions

Whether you are shipping your dog across the state or across the country, it’s important to prepare. We’ve created a handy pre-trip checklist.

Your driver may provide basic items like food and water, but additional items like medication, ID, or health records are your responsibility.

Dog Shipping Checklist

  • Travel kennel, if applicable
  • Bedding
  • Food and water
  • Comfort items (e.g., special toys or snacks)
  • Medications (if any)
  • Records – health, shots, breed, certifications, etc.
  • Identification – on collar and/or microchip
  • Collar and leash
  • Current emergency contact information
Shipping a puppy?

Be Cautious

At Pet Van Lines, we can arrange safe transport for puppies that are at least ten weeks old. Before shipping a puppy, consult with the person on the other side of the journey, particularly if you are buying or receiving the puppy from a third party. Consider if you need to provide a kennel and bedding or if it is included. It is essential to remain vigilant against potential scams.


Make your dog’s journey as smooth as possible with Pet Van Lines.

Your dog is an important part of your life. That's why we always go the extra mile to ensure that successful transportation for your pet.

Our team consists of verified, trusted pet transportation drivers with proven experience handling pets. When you schedule dog shipping with Pet Van Lines, you can rest assured that you're getting the highest quality pet transportation service. Our competitive rates are a bonus.

Read what our customers say about their experience with Pet Van Lines:

My husband got a new job and so we had to move our family which included our two dogs Captain and Jet. We were moving from Alpharetta, GA to Philadelphia, PA. We called friends and asked co-workers for advice on moving the pets. We were given the names of three pet movers but, after speaking to a representative from all three we chose Petvanlines. Why?, because of Harold. Yes, Harold made the difference.

From the onset, Harold told me that two things mattered to him, the care and safety of Captain and Jet and my peace of mind. He made all the arrangements and took care of the paperwork. Harold thanks much.



You were so right we had nothing to be worried about. The transport of Charlie, our cat was a success. We were so worried at one point about Charlie being nervous and never been separated from us before but, thanks to you Joe, with your kind words and I, guess your expertise, having done this over and over again, Charlie’s transport was safe and without incident. Rick and I will not hesitate to recommend Petvanlines to our friends who want to have their pet move across the country as we did. Thank you, Joe and Tish, for a seamless and stress-free move.



Mike and I wanted to say thank you for overseeing the transportation of our dog from Raleigh, NC to Seattle. I must say that your level of service is extraordinary.

We thought long and hard about who would handle Bentley’s move because this dog is family and so we were careful in choosing you. We simply had no regrets.

Bentley is up and about exploring his new home. I would recommend that anyone seeking pet movers come to you because of the experience we had with you.


Elizabeth & Audley

Elizabeth & Audley

Elizabeth & Audley


Ready to start planning your dog’s travel?

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