Are you wondering if—or how—you can ship a puppy? If you are relocating to a new home or you’ve just found the perfect pup, you probably want a way to welcome your furry family member without traumatizing it from a rough trip. We’re sharing five facts, including reasons to ship your precious cargo and how to ensure it’s handled with care.

1. Reasons to Ship a Puppy

Traveling with pets isn’t always easy. Many pet owners have learned that finding a transportation service for dogs makes sense for them and their puppy. Some reasons include:

  • Moving to another state – If you’re moving in stages or need time to find accommodations or adjust to your new surroundings, you can have your puppy shipped later.
  • Long-term job assignment – Are you a locum tenens doctor, traveling nurse, or another professional on a long-term assignment? After you’ve adjusted to your new schedule, puppy shipping is ideal for safely delivering a pet to your door.
  • Extended vacation – Shipping your puppy offers comfortable travel in a climate-controlled environment. Arrange for your pet to meet you at your destination when you’re ready.
  • Pet adoption – If you’ve adopted a puppy or are inheriting it from a friend or family member, shipping makes pet travel easy. And it saves you a trip.
  • New puppy purchase – A pet transportation service simplifies the transfer process for dog breeders and new pet owners who are several states apart.

2. Ensure Your Pup Is Healthy

A checkup at the vet will ensure your puppy is healthy enough to travel. Confirm in advance that your pet has necessary vaccinations or medication before departure with a pet transportation service. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that you get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection to ensure your pet’s safety.

3. Understand Its Breed

Your puppy’s breed influences its temperament, needs, and diet. Prepare accordingly with the food, toys, or favorite blanket your pet needs for comfortable, stress-free travel.

4. Select a Transportation Service for Dogs

You can ship a puppy by air or ground transportation.


Air travel can be a fast, safe option. But you’ll have little control over your puppy’s comfort and care, or the attention it will receive—especially if it’s traveling alone.


Ground transportation is a safe, comfortable way to ship a puppy. But before you select a transportation service for dogs, ask questions about how they will care for your pet.

  • What is your company’s minimum age requirement for transporting puppies?
  • What’s the total travel time for my pet?
  • How often will my puppy be fed?
  • What type of exercise will my puppy get, and how often?
  • How many animals will travel with my pet?
  • Will my puppy ride in a temperature-controlled environment?
  • What type of crates are available?
  • How often will you update me with the status of your travel and how my pet is doing?

5. Create a Smooth Transition to Your Home

Brown puppy lying on a rug, as if just arriving at home from long-distance dog transportation by Pet Van LinesHave you ever taken a long trip, only to find that your accommodations weren’t ready? Complete your puppy’s shipping experience with a warm welcome.

  • Puppy-proof your home or vacation rental.
  • Prepare a clean, quiet place for it to rest when it arrives.
  • Walk your pet to the area where it will do its business.
  • Give it fresh food and water.
  • Hold and cuddle your pet to soothe it after a long road trip.
  • Avoid loud or startling noises; keep things calm until your puppy gets settled.

Ground Transportation for Puppies

We know how to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and happy.

Our features include:

  • Accommodations for puppies that are at least 16 weeks old
  • Drivers who love puppies and are knowledgeable about all breeds
  • Climate-controlled environment
  • Comfortable padding
  • Regular schedules to supervise, monitor, feed, and exercise your pet

Check out our photo gallery to see some of our happy travelers. And Contact us for more information or to schedule a date to ship your puppy.

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