Pets need protection, especially when they travel. Many people insure their pets on a monthly basis, but this is different from pet travel insurance. 

In a nutshell, regular pet insurance coverage includes routine veterinarian costs such as check-ups, deworming, and microchipping. These plans are beneficial for pets requiring frequent trips to the vet. However, many of these plans do not include vet costs incurred abroad, which is why people purchase pet travel insurance.

Travel pet insurance provides coverage involved with emergency flight cancellations as well as illnesses and injuries that happen abroad. Travel insurance plans are usually purchased and canceled within a shorter period compared to regular pet insurance. This is because travel insurance is only needed for a set time while regular pet insurance is usually ongoing.

What is Pet Travel Insurance and What Does it Cover?

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Vet bills are expensive and are the last thing you want to deal with on a costly trip or vacation. On the same token, traveling with a pet introduces all sorts of risks you wouldn’t face at home. These risks include long flights, foreign germs, and dangerous environments. Any of these risks could lead to a detour to the nearest emergency clinic. 

Pet travel insurance ensures that a pet will be financially covered for the whole trip. There are three general categories for what the average travel pet insurance companies cover: illness, injury, and pet return.

  1. Illness: If your pet suddenly falls ill while away from home, travel pet insurance will help finance veterinarian and medical costs. Such illnesses include but are not restricted to vomiting, diarrhea, or infections.
  2. Injury: Sometimes pets get into trouble in new environments and injure themselves. Others are injured on the plane ride to their final destination. Insurance coverage for injuries will compensate for veterinary care related to broken bones, cuts, or other bodily harm. 
  3. Pet Return: This type of pet coverage ensures the return of your pet in case of an emergency. This coverage is helpful if you unexpectedly require emergency transport back home. In these situations, pets usually need alternate arrangements to return home. Insurance for traveling pets will help manage the costs of the pet’s unexpected return flight, and some even provide attendants.

Pets with pre-existing conditions aren’t covered equally by pet travel insurance providers. Make sure to double-check with your insurance agent before making a final decision.

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What is Pet Health Insurance and What does it Cover?

Pet health insurance covers common veterinarian costs over the long term. This type of coverage compensates for accidents as well as yearly services such as physical exams, vaccinations, and nail trims. These wellness plans may also cover fecal tests, spaying/neutering, deworming, heartworm tests, and flea control. 

Regular pet insurance may not cover injuries or illnesses experienced by traveling pets, let alone unexpected pet returns. Those with pet insurance plans should double-check for travel coverages before making risky assumptions. 

How Does Pet Travel Insurance Work?

Travel pet insurance policies operate using a reimbursement program. Any vet bills or travel fees due to emergency cancellations must be documented in a claim and then sent to the insurance company. This claim will be assessed by the insurance company which will either reimburse your costs or reject your claim. 

Does Pet Travel Insurance Cover Canceled Flights?

Depending on the company, your pet insurance provider may compensate for a flight cancellation due to pet injury, illness, or death. This coverage will either be included in a travel insurance package or an added feature that would increase the package’s premium. Many of these plans require 48 hours notice before the travel date for cancellation coverage to remain valid.

If you’re worried about last-minute changes but can’t find any coverage for canceled flights, try searching for Interruption for Any Reason (or IFAR). This might be more expensive, but ensures coverage for any changes in flights or other travel plans. 

How Much Does Pet Health Insurance Cost?

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Insurance rates will depend on a pet’s age, species, breed, geographical location, and the type of plan you choose. Generally speaking, older and larger animals have higher insurance rates, and dogs are more expensive than cats.

The cost of your pet insurance will also depend on the provided maximum annual covered services, deductible choices, and reimbursement choices. Pet owners will pay more for their pet insurance if they choose plans with greater annual coverages and reimbursements. Similarly, a lower deductible will result in a higher premium. 

All things considered, the monthly cost of pet health insurance ranges from 25$ to 100$ USD. Many pet insurance providers offer online quote estimators to help plan out your potential expenses. 

How Much Does Pet Travel Insurance Cost?

Like regular pet insurance, the cost of travel insurance varies based on a pet’s species, breed, and age. These plans also have adjustable maximum annual coverages, deductibles, and reimbursement limits.

The monthly cost for insuring a young and medium-sized dog for travel is around 50$. Cats, on the other hand, are covered at a monthly premium of around 30$. 

Is it Worth Getting Pet Insurance while Traveling with a Pet?

Pet insurance for travel is a preventative measure with the potential to save you thousands of dollars worth of vet bills or cancellation costs. Even if you are an experienced traveler, nobody can expect the unexpected. Ensuring your pet will protect your wallet and give you peace of mind while you enjoy your trip of vacation.

If you have a young and healthy pet and feel confident they won’t get into trouble, it’s understandable if you opt out of pet travel insurance. Or maybe you’re making a routine trip to a safe neighborhood where there’s a low chance your pet will come into harm’s way. It’s reasonable for pet parents to abstain from purchasing pet travel insurance in both of these situations.


  1. Is pet illness covered by travel insurance?

It’s common for pet travel insurance plans to cover veterinary costs for sick pets. This can come in handy if your pet comes into contact with bacterial diseases, rabies, infections, or diseases spread by mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

  1. Do pets need flying insurance?

Flying insurance is not mandatory for pets traveling internationally. That means it is not a legal requirement. 

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