You have made the decision to use a pet transportation service and are looking for a local provider. Pet Van Lines has physical offices in major cities across the United States. Even if we don’t have a brick and mortar facility in your city, that is no problem.

Every day our representatives work with pet owners all over the United States arranging for the safe and comfortable transport of their pet from one place to another. We work coast to coast and border to border in the continuous United States and are able to work with you to coordinate the move of your dog, cat, bird, or any combination from one place to another.

Start by completing the convenient online form. This will be routed to one of our representatives who will contact you to discuss your needs. If you prefer, you can call us directly. During the conversation our agent will get all the details about your pets, the destination, and any special instructions surrounding the move. We do not have breed restrictions. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any issues you may be concerned with.

A Safe and Comfortable Journey

When our SUV or minivan pulls up at your home, you will have the opportunity to see how well equipped it is to make the journey in safe comfort for your four-legged family members. Our drivers are concerned about your companions and we endeavor to keep the climate controlled and take dogs out for walks at least every four hours. Cats have access to clean litter boxes. These breaks also allow our handlers to interact with your pets with petting and play times.

Our travels take us to all temperatures and elevations so we are acutely aware of how this may affect our passengers. Our personnel have been trained to understand the relevant regulations and restrictions to assure the best care possible. Generally laypersons do not have the training or experience that our drivers do.

Because we have a number of locations nationwide, we are able to service any part of the country. While we have offices in select cities, we service anywhere in the United States. Our door-to-door service is the best in the nation. It provides the owners with peace of mind that their companions are being relocated as safely and comfortably as possible.

When you are ready, just contact us at Pet Van Lines and we will be happy to plan the journey for your pets.

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