It’s New Year’s resolution time, and you know what that means. Longer waits at the gym, nearly getting run over on the sidewalk by eager joggers and, on the upside, shorter lines at the donut shop. This New Year’s, how about you get fit with your pet by including your pudgy pooch or tubby tabby in on the action? If the words, “Your pet is overweight,” are still ringing in your ears from your last vet visit, check out these tips for taking your best friend from fatty to fluffy.

Get Rid of Your Pooch’s Paunch

If you haven’t done so already, incorporate daily walks into your and your dog’s lives. It’s healthy, effective and relatively simple, and your body and your canine companion will thank you for it. Try to go for walks around the same time each day to create a routine you and your pooch can stick to. That way, when you’re feeling lazy and try to eat your way out of it, your dog will still know it’s time to go and will nudge you out the door.

Interactive playtime is another great way to get some exercise with your best pal, and it can also bring you two closer together. Interactive activities like fetch and Frisbee facilitate bonding and emotional connections with your dog, and it’s also probably your dog’s favorite time of day. Walking around in the great outdoors is grand and all, but nothing beats attention and playtime with their favorite human.

For many dogs out there, swimming is another exciting form of exercise. Whether it’s an activity they enjoy once a month or once a day, swimming provides a beneficial low-impact form of aerobic exercise. Running and jumping around on the hard ground creates impact stress, and is most difficult for older, arthritic pooches. Give swimming a try instead sometimes for a unique and healthy way of letting out all that doggone energy.

Aim for More Cat, Less Fat

Even more than dogs, cats nationwide struggle with obesity. Many cat owners seem to think that trying to get their cats to exercise means trying to get them to run laps around the house or scale walls or some other impossible feat. In reality, helping your cats to exercise simply involves a bit of fun, interactive playtime each day.

In the wild, cats only hunt a certain prey item for three to five minutes before giving up and moving on to another source. This may explain why your chunky monkey gives up playing with a certain toy after a few minutes. No, they’re not tired already, they’re just ready to move on to something new.

Object play with a variety of toys is the best way to get your feline friend to exercise. Switch to a new toy when either you or your cat tire of playing with a certain one after a few minutes. When you’re playing with your cat, try to make their toys mimic the movements of real critters like bugs and birds. Those types of movements engage and stimulate your cat more than just waving a wand around with a bell on the end of it.

If you want to provide your crazy kitty with stimulation while you’re away at work, try hanging bird feeders outside your windows so your cats can watch birds flitter about throughout the day. You can also invest in a fish tank if you have the time to care for the fish inside of it, and if you have a safe place for the tank where your kitties can watch but not reach.

Pet Van Lines Encourages You to Get Fit With Your Pet

Pet Van Lines offers premier pet transport services available year-round, including during the hectic holidays. We don’t just care about pet moving though; we care about you and your pet as individuals. This year, get fit with your pet so you both can lead happier, healthier lives. And don’t forget to give us a call if you are ever in need of our pet moving services.

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