Pets play a big role in the moving habits of Americans. A survey from the Mayflower reveals that more than 90% of pet owners feel that their pets play a significant role in their decision of where to move. For pet owners, the comfort of their pets during the move and travel is paramount.

Pet Van Lines has helped owners move across the country with pets, especially dogs. Understandably, we’ve received our fair share of worried dog owners who are unsure about what it takes to move with their dog. It’s a significant lifestyle change for the pet, as it uproots them from everything familiar to them through what might be a very long travel duration.

To ensure your dog’s utmost comfort and to give them a stress-free move, here are some important dos and don’ts to consider.

DO make a last vet wellness visit for your dog

Bring your pet to your local veterinarian for the last wellness check. Ensure that you get your veterinarian’s professional opinion that the dog is healthy enough to go through long hours of travel. 

While you’re at your vet, you can arrange to close their file at that particular office. Remember to make copies of all pet-related documents from them. The dog’s records will be needed when you go to a new veterinarian and may also be required for official purposes, such as when local government entities request health certificates.

DON’T forget to find an emergency veterinarian

It’s crucial to find a veterinarian in your new area before relocating. If an emergency happens to your dog in your new home, you don’t want to get caught driving around looking for one at the last minute. 

Look up listings for local veterinarians and contact them ahead of time. Speak to them about your dog and inquire about making them your new local vet. This way, you are prepared for anything, and you can easily book an appointment with the new vet later on.

DO create a safe spot for your dog

Buy the travel crate ahead of time and make sure your dog gets used to it. Put a comfortable mat in it and some toys, and go for long car rides with them in it. It acclimates them to the new crate and space and gets them accustomed to long journeys.

They’ll start to feel safer during travel, and if they’re in their familiar crate, they’re less likely to act out or panic. It also ensures they’re not as stressed out about the travel time. 


DON’T forget to update your pet’s microchip

Pet microchips are crucial to every pet owner, but they’re even more important when you travel. Now that you’re moving somewhere new, you need to change the data on the microchip to your new address and the new veterinarian’s address.

This ensures that if anything untoward happens in your new town, which will be unfamiliar to your dog, you’ll have a means of tracking them down. Strangers who come across your dog may also be able to get in contact with you when they get the microchip checked.

DO Place Your Dog’s Comfort at the Highest Priority

Ensure that your dog gets a stress-free journey to their new home. There will be a lot of unfamiliar sights and sounds for them, so you must make their journey to it with as little stress and anxiety as possible. When traveling with them across the country, entrust them to the hands of specialists who can help you make them as comfortable as possible.

Pet Van Lines has transported thousands of pets across the country and is America’s leading source of long-distance pet transportation. Our professional drivers provide your pet with round-the-clock care during the journey, and all pets get transported in a climate-controlled SUV or minivan to give them plenty of room. 

Contact us today and prepare ahead for your pet’s big move, or learn more about our cost-effective yet equally comfortable shared pet transport services.

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