Anytime you’re moving to a new city with your pet, one of the first orders of business is to find local services to take care of them. Whether it’s a dog walk park, a new veterinarian, a place to get food and toys, or a grooming service, you want the best available to provide care for your four-legged family members.

Atlanta, GA, is a great place to live and work, and a town that loves its pets. Check out a few of the best pet services in Atlanta, from 24-hour vets to dog parks, and local pet laws so you can live a happy life with your dog or cat.

Best Pet Services in Atlanta

While we couldn’t possibly provide a comprehensive list of all of the best pet services in Atlanta, we’re happy to provide just a few to get you started in style. Also included are relevant municipal pet laws so you can be sure you’re in compliance with all local rules and regulations regarding your furry family members.

Highly Rated Atlanta Pet Services

Among the most highly rated pet services in Atlanta, GA, according to, are the following pet training, boarding, walking, grooming and supply stores. Their top ten include:

  1.      Frogs to Dogs: offering pet training, boarding, dog walking and pet sitting services.
  2.      Barking Hound Village Inn: A pet grooming, boarding, sitting and training service.
  3.      PupWalkr: An excellent dog walking service for the Atlanta area.
  4.      Central Bark Doggy Day Care: A pet-sitting, grooming and training facility located in NE Atlanta.
  5.      Puppy Haven: Pet boarding and sitting service.
  6.      Unleashed by Petco: Great pet training and grooming services located in one of the best nationwide pet store chains, offering all the foods, toys, supplies and amenities you might need.
  7.      Piedmont Bark: Pet boarding and grooming services.
  8.      Wagging Tails: Doggie daycare and boarding services for Atlanta.
  9.      Buckhead Paws: Dog walking and pet boarding services.
  10.  Potty Animals of Atlanta: Pet boarding and sitting as well as gardening services!

24-Hour Vets

A few highly-rated 24-hour vet services include:

  •         Briarcliff Animal Clinic, located on 1850 Johnson Road NE
  •         Ark Animal Hospital, at 288 15th Street NW
  •         BluePearl Veterinary Partners, at 1071 Howell Mill Road

Atlanta Pet Laws

As a pet-loving city offering over 350 green spaces and parks, Atlanta maintains a very user-friendly website regarding local pet laws. Among the most important are:

  1.      Dogs must be leashed unless in a designated dog park
  2.      You must clean up after your pet
  3.      Pets aren’t allowed during certain festivals
  4.      Owners are responsible for their pets’ actions

Moving Your Pet to Atlanta

If you’re looking to move your pet to Atlanta, please consider calling on the services of Pet Van Lines, one of the nation’s premier door-to-door pet transport services. Our dedicated, licensed and bonded team loves animals and will treat your dog or cat like they were our very own. They’ll arrive happy, hale and healthy at their new home. Give us a call to schedule a pickup today!

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